The One (A One Direction Fanfic ft GMD3)

Alice, Kaela and Jemima get tickets to go and see One Direction in concert but they meet before hand. But things go wrong as they get to know each other


10. Stay Away from us! Forever!


Alice's Point of View As soon as Jemima hit the floor, I had run to her. Micky pushed past Louis and picked her up. He gently put her on the sofa and GMD3 and Kaela and I stood in front of her, facing One Direction. Kaela rushed over to Louis and slapped him round the face. "You idiot! We invited you into our house even though we didn't want to and what did you do?" Kaela shouted. She went to hit Louis again but I grabbed her before she could. "Kaela! Calm down!" I said softly. I turned to face Louis and said, "Honestly Kaela, he's not worth it! Now I think you should boys should leave." They started to say something but that just made me angrier. Greg came up to me and pulled me close so I wouldn't do anything I'd regret. Niall quickly turned away as I saw pain fill his eyes. "Come on guys. We're not wanted." he shot an frustrated look at Louis. "Let's go." Just as he was about to leave the room, I saw him look at me once, wipe the tears that were now forming in his eyes, then he turned and hurried out of the room. Jemima started to wake up. We all rushed over to her. She smiled up at Micky and pulled him close as she kissed him. We all clapped. After the boys had checked that Jemima was okay, they left. I felt absolutely ex-hausted. Jemima went straight upstairs and after about 10 minutes, I went to check she was okay. When I en-tered the room, she was fast asleep on the bed with the photo of Louis and her in her hand. I pulled the covers over her and slowly prised the photo from her grasp. I placed it back on the wall and quietly shut the door. I then went to check on Kaela. She wasn't in her room or in any other part of the house. I walked into the back garden. She was sat on the grass with her head in her hands. I slowly sat next to her and wrapped my arms round her. She instantly pulled me closer and started to cry. I stroked her hair softly. "Shhh. Please don't cry sweetie. It wasn't your fault. You were just annoyed at the fact he hurt your best friend. I would have done the same." I whispered. "I was just so angry." she sobbed, "he was always like a twin brother to me. And what do I do? I hit him. He just made her so upset leaving and he hurt her and I couldn't stand it. I miss them. I miss all of them. I love Zayn, not Dan. Why can’t I see that?" I pulled her closer. I looked up at the night sky and remembered the night Niall had left me. The tears started to form in my eyes and this time I couldn't stop them.     Niall's Point of View I've lost her. She's gone. Forever. I've never felt this way about anyone before. She was my girl and I let her down. Now she’s with another guy. I looked down at my Cladaggh ring. She no longer loves me. I looked up at the night sky. She's with him. Not me. She'll never love me. I...  
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