The One (A One Direction Fanfic ft GMD3)

Alice, Kaela and Jemima get tickets to go and see One Direction in concert but they meet before hand. But things go wrong as they get to know each other


16. Niall And Alice


Niall's Point of View.   I woke up feeling worse than ever, the image of Greg and Alice kissing still burnt in my mind. Liam, Louis and Harry burst through the door with big smiles on their faces. Harry jumped on me but Louis quickly hit him, causing him to stand up. "Morning Nialler. Today's the day we're going to get your love life back on track. You're going. END OF! Right boys, let's get to work." Louis beamed. Within 10 minutes I was up and ready. I was wearing my red polo shirt and a pair of jeans. My hair was pushed to the side and slightly spiked up. I walked downstairs with the rest of the boys and ate a HUGE British Breakfast. Then we got into Louis' car and drove off.   Alice's Point of View.   I rolled over onto my side. I groaned slightly as Kaela came and sat down on the end of my bed and stoked my hair. "Wake up beautiful... We have a big suprise for you..." She said, smiling. "Go away!" I replied. "Oi!" She hit me lightly on the cheek. "Snap out of it! We have spent ages planning this so you are coming!" "Fine!" I slowly got up as Kaela walked over to my wardrobe. The room seemed much cleaner than it did last night. I reached for my drink on my bedside table and realised that the photo of me and Niall was now placed there in a brand new photo frame. Kaela walked back over with a dress in one  hand and a pair of black stilettos in the other. The top part of the dress was white and was layered which then led down into a black pencil skirt. Kaela put the dress and shoes on the bed and helped me get up and changed. She sat me down in front of the mirror and started brushing my hair. She pulled it into a low side ponytail and put hooped earrings into my ears. Then, she turned me around and started on my makeup. I sat in silence. When she had finished, she showed me my reflection in the mirror. She smiled at me and led me downstairs. As we stepped into the back garden, lots of people jumped out of the bushes shouting, "Surprise!" I jumped back, startled and alarmed. Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Jemima all stood laughing at my reaction. I smiled slightly as Kaela left my side to go stand by Zayn. I stopped smiling as I realised Niall wasn't there. My heart felt like it was going to stop. Why wasn't he here? Does he no longer care? All of a sudden, a pair of hands covered my eyes. I screamed slightly. I was turned around as the hands lifted off of my eyes. Niall stood there smiling at me. I hugged him tightly and reached up and kissed him. There was a round of applaus from the others. I pulled away and whispered "I'm sorry" into his ear. He smiled and kissed me again. Niall and I went and sat down on the sun beds as everybody gathered around the BBQ. We lay down and he pulled me into his arms and we cuddled. We talked and talked and it felt like our lives had been like this since we had first met. I felt my heart beat faster everytime he looked into my eyes. I rested my head on his shoulder as we looked up at the clear blue sky. After the BBQ, Liam and Harry went home. Zayn and Kaela stayed in the living room and Louis and Jemima chilled in the back garden. Niall picked me up and carried me upstairs to my room. He placed me on the bed and started kissing me. I slowly lifted his top and he took mine off.     A Few Hours Later.     Niall's Point of View   Alice snuggled up to me, fast asleep. I couldn't believe I'd got her back. I'd missed her so much. I softly stroked her hair as she slept. I smiled and looked at the photo of me and her that was on the bedside table. Alice started to stir and I hushed her back to sleep. I closed my eyes and smiled. This is where I want to be... Forever.


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