The One (A One Direction Fanfic ft GMD3)

Alice, Kaela and Jemima get tickets to go and see One Direction in concert but they meet before hand. But things go wrong as they get to know each other


7. Going away maybe forever


Kaela's Point of View It's been a few weeks since Niall confessed his love for Alice. I have to admit that, even though it was pretty cheesy, it was definitely romantic. They don’t leave each other’s side and they are constantly being romantic with each other. They have moments when they can't stop daydreaming about each other and when they're not together they talk about each other all the time. I'm so glad she's found someone who really appreciates her for who she is and wouldn’t make her change for the world. He’s always buying her flowers or chocolates and they are on the phone texting each other whenever he’s working. They belong together. Anyone can see that. Jemima is head over heels in love with Louis and they're constantly being lovey-dovey. Louis and I are practically twins now as we dress the same, when I'm not wearing a skirt or a dress although he has said he will wear one one day. Louis and I always play fight and we constantly take the mick out of each other. We have the same sense of humour and are always laughing at each other’s jokes. On the down side, I've promised to beat him up if he hurts Jemima. He flinched at that because he knows I would. Zayn... Oh Zayn. We're a match made in heaven. He’s my angel. He's just so sweet and of course he's my sex god. I love him. I've never loved anyone in this way before. He's just.... The One! He’s always doing little things to make me happy. Although, I do like joking about how often he looks in the mirror even though he takes it too seriously. I found out something yesterday. A bit of bad news. The boys have to go away. Zayn and I are spending each precious minute with each other, hoping it will make up for the time when he’s away. Jemima and Louis are constantly going out to talk and be romantic before he leaves. And Alice.... Well, we haven't told Alice. She'd be more heartbroken than any of us. Niall doesn't want to tell her but he will have to. They're going away tomorrow. Niall's Point of View. I can't tell Alice. If I do she might not get over it. She'll never forgive me. I can't bear for that to happen. I love her. She's special. She's my girl. Before we go I'll take her somewhere special. Somewhere unique. Somewhere which is just as beautiful as her. I pick Alice up in my arms and she laughs as I spin her around. I can’t do this. I gently put her down and kiss her. I put my arm around her waist as we walk. I look up to the starry sky. Do I have to leave? Is there any way I can stay here?  I look down at Alice. Her hair is pulled over one shoulder and curled. She is wearing blue ripped jeans and a halter neck black top. Her bangles are clattering and her big hoop earrings are slightly swaying. She isn't wearing any makeup as I told her she looked way to pretty without it. I smiled to myself. She is definitely the girl for me. We arrived at the top of a hill. She looked at me slightly confused but I just told her to lie down. We lay on the warm grass as we looked up at the stars. We entwined our fingers and we started talking about what our lives had been like before we met. I told her about my mum and dad and my older brother Greg. She told me she was treated like an only child as her brother had walked out when she was 9. She said that even though she misses him, she knows he’s out there somewhere enjoying himself. When she looked at me, I pulled her closer and kissed her. As we pulled away I looked away, not wanting to cry. "Niall? What's wrong?" She asked, sounding upset that I'd looked away. I stood up and started pacing. Then I turned to look at her. "The boys and I have to go away. And we might not be coming back... Ever." I said quickly. She looked down and started to cry. "Alice." I pulled her close to me. "Please don't cry. I know this is going to be hard but it's life. People come and go." I tried to stop the tears which were now coming to my eyes. I reached into my pocket. I picked up her hand and placed a small ring on one of her fingers of the right hand. She looked up at me confused. "It's a Cladaggh Ring. Like mine. The hands represent friendship. The crown represents loyalty. And the heart... Represents love. When someone sees this, they'll see that you're taken.... I love you Alice. Don't ever forget that." I kissed her again. I walked her home. When we stopped, she clinged onto me. We stood for a couple of minutes in silence. I watched her walk into her house. As soon as she shut the door, I felt the tears stream down my face. I love you Alice.  
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