The One (A One Direction Fanfic ft GMD3)

Alice, Kaela and Jemima get tickets to go and see One Direction in concert but they meet before hand. But things go wrong as they get to know each other


2. A knock at the door


Alice's Point of View. I woke up early this morning. I was going round Kaela’s house at 10 but I couldn’t control my excitement. I spent forever getting ready. I had to make sure my makeup was perfect otherwise Kaela would be upset. When 10 o’clock came, my mum and dad drove me round to Kaela's house. Kaela is my best friend. Well, she’s more like a sister as we do everything together. So is my other best friend, Jemima. I love those girls with all my heart. I love nothing more. Even though we share a lot in common, we all love one thing the most. One Direction. My mum had booked V.I.P tickets to go and see them. She works in the music industry. Well, she likes to think she does anyway. I’m just lucky to be Simon Cowell’s niece. He got us the tickets but my mum always takes all the credit. This is going to be the best day of my life. One Direction came onto the radio. "Here’s our latest single…" said Harry over the radio. "Oi! I want to announce our song!" shouted Louis. "Well you can't Chop-Suey! Here’s What Makes You Beautiful.”  Harry cried. As the song came on, I started to sing along. I love singing. I don’t want to be a professional but I do like it. If I had to choose my favourite female singer it would have to be Jessie J just because she doesn’t pretend to be someone else like most singers do. As I arrived at Kaela’s house, I smiled. Kaela’s house is the biggest so we always meet up at hers. Kaela an-swered the door and she told me Jemima was in the bedroom. Jemima laughed when she saw me. I could see why. My hair had fallen out of its usual high ponytail and my makeup had smudged. My outfit was really dirty as my car isn’t the cleanest in the world. I turned to look at them and we all laughed. I grabbed a tissue and started tidying up my makeup whilst Kaela and Jemima sorted out my hair. "Phew!" Kaela sighed after she had taken it out of the hair bobble and let it fall loose. “Today’s the day we meet One Direction!” Jemima reminded us. "Oh great. I have nothing else to wear." I looked down at my clothes.  Kaela sighed. Kaela's Point of View. "Alice, we need to talk about how you're dressing yourself." I smiled. Here's my chance to really make her look pretty and stop her hiding her body. I walked over to my wardrobe. I grabbed a blue strappy top and blue high waist shorts. I then looked for a pair of shoes. I picked up some ballet pumps and some hoop earrings. "Here, try this." I handed them to Alice. As soon as she walked out, I turned to Jemima who had started flicking through an old I Love Pop magazine. She stopped on the double page of One Direction at the beach. We both looked at each other and started laughing. "Why are you guys laughing? Do I really look that bad?" Interrupted Alice. We both turned to look at her. Our mouths dropped open. I didn't realise how skinny she was and how long her legs were. The shorts were the right length and the top just looked fantastic on her. Her hair was still in a ponytail so I ran over and pulled the hair bobble out. Her hair fell to just below her shoulders. I sat her down on the bed and got out my hair straighteners. "Here. Read this" I handed my latest story to her. She smiled and started reading. I slowly straightened her hair whilst Jemima grabbed some food from the kitchen. Well, I say food. What I really mean is crisps, sweets, Mountain Dew and some more sweets. After we finished straightening Alice's hair we started eating quickly. I threw a skittle at Alice and she shrieked. However, when I threw one at Jemima she just seemed to pluck it out of the air and put it in her mouth. I was really excited for tonight. Alice had convinced her uncle to get One Direction to take us to the concert and hang out with them backstage afterwards. She is so lucky. I thought that her being Simon Cowell’s niece would have made her one of the popular girls at our school but it didn’t have any effect. Either way, she didn’t want to be a popular. She thought they were all stuck up snobs and preferred hanging with us. Nice to know she would choose us over them. There was a knock at the door. We all went quiet. We sat there for a couple of moments. Then I remembered that it was my house so really I should be opening the door. I hurried out into the hall and opened it...  
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