Parties and late nights

When lizzy move to London with her dad after her mum died, her cousin Charlotte is there to give her a tour through London but when charlotte wins tickets to a gig, something out of the ordinary happens.


2. Zoey,she's so sweet!

I got yo my bedroom door, I paused, I couldn't get in my room without kicking or hurting anything. I just walked in and kicked the box infront of me," SHIT, my toe"
I dived onto my bed and sunk my head into my fluffy pillow, I felt like crying.

"lizzy,can I have a hug, I saw mummy again!!" Lucy sniffed, holdin tatty ted(a ready bear mum gave ME for my 8th birthday)

" come here, poppet,"I grabbed her by her body and ruffled her hair!

"remember, your going to be Lucy styles when your older aren't you?"

"yeh,I rook forward to that tay!"

Lucy still couldn't pronounce her ls, and ds yet, but I find it sweet! She fancies 1D, I'm not a very big fan of their music but I'm not a person to judge, that's a trait from my mum!
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