Parties and late nights

When lizzy move to London with her dad after her mum died, her cousin Charlotte is there to give her a tour through London but when charlotte wins tickets to a gig, something out of the ordinary happens.


8. What's up?

We entered backstage, I promised myself I wouldn't stay long, for Lucy. The band walked up to us " Ah, the competition winners,join us" louis said.

" might, I add looking lovely this evening!" cheeky zayne took my hand and kissed it, as Niall did as well to Charlotte.

"Girls come over hear,look at this" Harry was sitting at a computer laughing at some sneering panda! We all sniggered! They obviously rehearsed that! There was a spread of food on the table, Niall had his eye on! I leaned closer to him and whispered "that roasted chicken looks nice, and the cheesy natchoes, don't they, and the chocolate-" before I knew Niall was already at the table stuffing his face!

Harry, walked outside of the room we were in, I waited a while trying to think why he snuck out? I didn't know home but my curiosity took the better of me and I followed, I told my self I wasn't interested in him, but my body wouldn't listen!

I found Harry sitting next to Lucy, Lucy holding tatty ted and holding him close, I walked in beside charlotte and told her me and Lucy were leaving , she was chatting up some camera guy, I looked at Niall, he did not look happy, but to be fare he did have cream on his face! She said she would meet us, she'd drive to our house to check if we were there, I left the room.

I bent over beside Lucy," Lucy do you want to go? You look bored out here?" I asked

" no I'm fine, Harry was about to propose!!!" Lucy whispered!

" I wasn't... If you want a backstage pass I can get you one if you would like?" Harry offered, it was a bit wierd because I didn't even know him, but he offered any way!

" no really we'r fine but thanks for the offer-" I was interrupted

" shut up lizzy, Harry I would dove a backstage pass!"

"ok Lucy, but I will have to pay ya, ok?" I said to Harry, as Lucy grabbed the backstage pass from my neck, she ran in!

"no really its no-"

"no,no I insist what do you want?" I started to open my bag

" ok, ok , a kiss will do!"

Really he was asking for a kiss, already? Why? For a bet?

" well I don't normally kiss a married men,"

What! I'm not married- ... Ohhhh yeh well my 'wifes in the other room,"

He got closer and closer"well we better be quick then, shouldn't we?" I said going along with moving closer, " but first the pass" I said teasing him by putting my hands on his chest!

"really? Why not the kiss then the pass?"

I shook my head my hair hitting my face.

" you drive a hard bargin!! "
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