Parties and late nights

When lizzy move to London with her dad after her mum died, her cousin Charlotte is there to give her a tour through London but when charlotte wins tickets to a gig, something out of the ordinary happens.


1. The early bird...I forget the rest!

Running,all I did was run,run from...from... I suddenly woke up. I had been having terrifying nightmares lately, I twisted my body out of bed and my left foot hit a box " shit" I whispered yo myself. I steadied myself out of bed and sat at my ' make up station' as my friend from school would call it! I sat there and looked onto the murky mirror I could hardly see my face in it but I could see my lightish brown her through the make up stains,the pink frame was surrounded by memories of me and my mum! Pictures at the beach,park,restaurants, all from when I was a really young age, but I remember her clearly!

" lizzy come down breakfast! I made your favourite!" my dad shouted kindly! He always says he made my favourite, but what he forgets is that he doesn't know my favourite! I slipped into my slippers, popped on my purple holster jumper and ran down stairs. I flow into the kitchen and swiftlets glided into the seat. " daddy pops , lizzy is down, let's leave before you change your mind!!! " my sister said while handing me a plate of bacon and egg. " do you like this stuff liz?" dad asked in a quiet sound, I nodded slowly and grabbed a knife and fork. My little sister is called Zoey, she is 6, but thinks she's 16! "Dad come on hurry its already 37.10, London wont be there forever you know!" Zoey was exited about the idea of going to London, me on the other hand not so much! I have my last year in high school next year and I am really not looking forward to it! For one thing Charlotte ( my cousin/ BFF!) will already have friends that's she's spent all of high school with, so I will be known as lizzy no mates.

" Dad do we have to go to London? I like living in edinburgh! Its fun and loving and-" I was intuited by dad
" Zoey go see if you've got every thing, I'll be up in a minute, ok love." dad said suttely to Zoey, she nodded and ran up the stairs.
"liz,darling, you know why we have to move," dad said
" no I don't, you change the subject every time it comes up" I could feel anger and rage toppling over me it was going to take the better of me.
"I'm not discussing the subject now, est you breakfast, we have a long drive ahead of us."
I could feel it in my bones, I was going to flip," what subject dad? What, that mums DEAD?" I knocked the breakfast off the table and the plate smashed, I paused. I zoomed up to my room.
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