Parties and late nights

When lizzy move to London with her dad after her mum died, her cousin Charlotte is there to give her a tour through London but when charlotte wins tickets to a gig, something out of the ordinary happens.


10. Old friends

I once again, enter the room, Lucy trying to feed tatty ted!! Niall still helping himself to natchoes. I sudunley remembered something, Niall was my best friend in primary 4 and 5. I lived in Edinburgh but I moved here for a year and a half when my mum was sick,I lived with Charlotte because Aunty offered. I remembered that charlotte had a MAGER crush on him!!!

" NIALLERSTER!!!" I shouted across the room, after I said it I realised that if it wasn't him, I'd look like such an idiot!!!

"what...wait... LIZZY, LI'L LIZ? Oh my god I new I reconised you, your not that LI'L any more are you?" he waited for a answer while nibbling on a natchoes.

"well, yeh I'm now 5ft 3, youve not changed, except your famous!!" I sniggered with him!

" yeh, do you mind me asking, who is that smoking hot girl over there talking with mark? I mean, if your into those type of girls!!!" Niall rubbed his neck nervously with his hand.

" oh yeh, do you remember Charlotte from primary school? That's her!!! You like her don't ya?" I said nudging his shoulder.

" well, yeh I had a MAGER crush in her in primary school! She's ... Eh .... Changed her .... Ehr ... Hair?" Niall said nervously.

"well, yeh, she has obviously changed, since primary school!" I looked at Charlotte she had changed , she had darker hair at primary school, and it was longer too! Her face structure had changed, just a little, so I could see where he was coming from.
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