Parties and late nights

When lizzy move to London with her dad after her mum died, her cousin Charlotte is there to give her a tour through London but when charlotte wins tickets to a gig, something out of the ordinary happens.


4. London is....different!

When I woke up, my dad was unloading the truck while Lucy was standing chatting away about some kind of pony.

Beep beep, my phone went off it was a text from Charlotte " hey hey, we don't talk much, now your in London we can meet up, do u want to? I would <3 2 catch up! Hope to see ya soon!" I text back " yeh sure I know where u live I'll B there in a minute! Xx" I automatically did xx, my friend Natasha, she got me doing it.

" dad, I'm going round to charlottes, ok?" I insisted, before he could answer I ran out of the van and round the corner,I new he'd be ok with it!
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