Parties and late nights

When lizzy move to London with her dad after her mum died, her cousin Charlotte is there to give her a tour through London but when charlotte wins tickets to a gig, something out of the ordinary happens.


5. Let's go!

( note to reader.i know it's taking a while for 1D to come in, but after this chapter they will kick in)

I knocked on the door of charlotte's house," oh come in its opened!" a voice came in, from the other side of the door.

I pushed the door open,with a little squeak,and stepped in, " oh hi lizzy, one sec I'm on the phone!" Charlotte was one of the most popular people I knew,of coarse she was on the phone! " OH MY FUCKING HELL,are you fucking serious?" I heard Charlotte scream!

Charlotte walked back into the room, she looked like she had seen a ghost! " I just got 3 tickets and 2 back stage passes TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!!!" she screamed getting louder and louder as she spoke!

As I wasn't a big fan of one direction, I wasn't that excited" OMG lucky" I said in a convincing sarcastic tone! " and I want you and Lucy to come!!! Aren't you excited?" she said getting more hyper than I had ever seen her!

"OMG, I can't take that from you,"

" come on, we'd have a laugh, plus we get back stage passes!" she moved her shoulders in a dance set of style while knocking me off the sofa." when is it?" I asked giving up.

"shimmna" she muttered,

"excuse me" I couldn't quite hear her.

" totanshmna"

"when is it Charlotte?" I said in s harsh tone!

"tonight ok, 6.00pm,I'll drive?"

That was ridiculous, but I agreed. We chatted for a bit, when it turned 3.25 I left to get ready for the concert!

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