Parties and late nights

When lizzy move to London with her dad after her mum died, her cousin Charlotte is there to give her a tour through London but when charlotte wins tickets to a gig, something out of the ordinary happens.


6. 1D here we come

I told Lucy and she flipped out, I mean she got dressed up from head to toe in one direction clothes!!! Even tatty ted got changed!

At 5.45 Charlotte picked us up! I snuck my head phones under my sleeve of my denim jacket, it wasn't very comfy but it hid my headphones.

" that's what your wearing?" Charlotte asked me,

"yes, what's wrong with it?" I asked, but to be fare I was just in my shorts with tights and my vans, plus my top was just a peach love heart with a vest underneath! That's all and my denim jacket!

" nothing." Charlotte turned away and started the car, she was wearing a red dress with tights and heals, and a red cardigan! And small studs earings ( 1D of course!)

The drive was only 15 mins just enough time for Lucy to go 'wee wee' I waited outside for her with Charlotte, she was panicking about the time! As we entered the stadium Lucy held my hand and said "1D here we come!"
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