The Mind of a Mouse

As requested by Lia-love-cookies


1. The Mind Of A Mouse

The Mind Of A Mouse


Welcome to my mind, 

That of a mouse,

Now here's my tour,

Of my mouse, brain house.


Priority number one,

Is not that of cheese,

No, it's the felines scaring us,

Making us little ones freeze.


What's the point in eating, 

If you can't survive with a cat,

It's ironic how they kill us,

Yet they're always fat.


So priority number two,

One of great authority,

And apart from the felines,

Was voted by the majority.


Collecting the cheese,

Is not an easy task,

One which takes great skill,

And sometimes a mask.


You see mice are fast and furious,

And strategically more advanced.

But those silly human traps,

Are completely spring enhanced.


One step in the wrong place,

And your stuck between wire and wood.

Left to die a pitiful death,

But at least the cheese is good.


Now we come to priority three,

A matter that needs addressing,

This is of the lady mice,

Constantly requiring undressing.


A beautiful bunch

Of flirtatious rodents,

Attract male mice,

With their fragrant deodorant. 


Using seduction 

One of their powerful tools.

The female mice,

They're not just fools.


So this is my life,

You've been real kind,

In expressing your thoughts,

And entering into my mind!



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