I am a directioner. A simple normal plain directioner. Or was. I was one of the millions of their fans who lived in a very small city which meant no meeting them for me. Or so I thought. I never expected this. Never. For my dreams to come true. To hurt someone I love while they did. Now I scream when am alone because I don't know what to do. I don't know how to fix this heart I've managed to break. This is my story. The story of how I came much more than a directioner.


1. Infinite love.

Oh. My. God.


I woke up to the sound of my family banging around the house. So quite and considerate they are. I sit up and wipe all the drool from my face. Man I'm attractive. I look in the mirror at the catastrophe that is my hair. And this is why I don't have a boyfriend. I turn around and look at all my One Direction posters and smile. There are about 7 covering my light blue walls. "good morning sexuals" I say to them. "IZZY! Breakfast!" I hear my mom yell up the stairs. "coming!" I holler back. Not a bad day so far. I walk downstairs to see my brothers disgusted face. "what happened to your hair?" he says rudly. I shoot him a dirty look and sit down at the table. My mom is smiling from ear to ear. "......what?" I say combing my hair with my fingers. Mom rolls her eyes. "oh it's not your hair izz" her giant smile finds its way back on her face. "I have a surprise for you!" I raise an eyebrow. This womans surprises are never good. She sits at the table. "now Isabella I know your birthday isn't untill next week but I got your present ahead!" she pulls out two ticket looking slips. "I got you passes to a signing with that band of yours!" as soon as the words leave her mouth I drop my fork. I clangs against my plate with a defiant bang. Was she serious? Was this a gag? A prank? Did my brother put her up to this? ONE DIRECTION? Well I like many other bands. She didn't clarify it was them. I rip the passes from her hands and hungrily scan the passes. The two words are printed in the top right corner. I let out a scream that echos through the whole house.

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