I am a directioner. A simple normal plain directioner. Or was. I was one of the millions of their fans who lived in a very small city which meant no meeting them for me. Or so I thought. I never expected this. Never. For my dreams to come true. To hurt someone I love while they did. Now I scream when am alone because I don't know what to do. I don't know how to fix this heart I've managed to break. This is my story. The story of how I came much more than a directioner.


12. Frightening love.

It's my fault.


*Izzy's POV*

He punched Zayn.

I let out a scream that echoes of the wall. "Niall! Stop!" I run over to Zayn who is lying on the floor. "Zayn are you alright?!" I kneel down beside him. He wipes the blood off his lip and glares at Niall. Not taking his eyes off him stands up and punches him right back. Niall flips over the bed and lands on his back. I scream again. I'm shrieking his name. "Niall! Niall!" I run over to him and he looks at me. I'm crying now. He looks at me and says "I'm sorry." he gets up and jumps on Zayn. They're rolling on the groung punching and fighting. I'm shrieking so loudly soon enough the other boys wake up. They're all yelling and trying to pull them apart.


"Break it up!"


Niall ends up pinning Zayn to the ground. "You kissed her didn't you? Didn't you Zayn?!" his voice is animal like. Raged filled. He must really love me. "You kissed my girlfriend didn't you? Didn't you!" Zayn flips Niall over and flips him this time. "You took her from me first Niall! She cheated on me with you! She was my girlfriend before you!" This makes Niall stop. He just stares at Zayn who realizes he got through to him. Niall flips him then gets off and walks out the door into our room.


I stand there, dumbfounded. I look st Zayn before I leave. And go into the bathroom. I lock myself in it and break down. I sit on the floor with my arms wrapped around my knees. I'm crying uncontrollably. I just turned two best friends on each other. It's all my fault.

After about 10 minutes, someone unlock the bathroom from the outside. Niall runs over to me and sits down in front of me. He has a split lip a coyote bruises on his face. I cry even harder, not being able to handle how hurt he is.

"Izzy. I'm so sorry. I just.....I just-"

I grab him by the shoulders.

"NEVER do that to me, ever again. EVER." I start to cry and he pulls me to his chest. I sob into his shirt and he heartbeat calms me. I mutter into it "Never. Never."

He makes me look him in the eye and intwines my fingers in his. He then says,



That night I am about to go to bed. I go to Zayn's room and knock on the door. He answers and I look at him half angry and half hurt.

"Izzy, I-"

"Save it. When you yelled at Niall like that, I realized how much I hurt you. I am not a cheater. I'm not. And I'm so, so sorry." I walk towards him and point my finger. He walks backwards. "But if you ever, ever hurt Niall again, I swear I will cut you out of my life." He looks at me pained. "I understand." I stand on my tip toes and give him a long hug. He hugs back. I then pull away and walk out.


*Niall's POV*

She walks in, while I'm waiting for her. She climbs into bed and puts her head head on my chest. My lip still stings and my face still hurts.

As of reading my mind, she looks up and studies my face. Her lip starts to quiver and her eyes start to tear up. "No no no, please don't cry." I wrap my arms around her and she buries her face in my neck. She pulls back and kisses all my bruises before softly kissing my lips, being cautious not to hurt me.

"Niall......where do you see us going? I don't want to lose you. How long will we be together?"

I can't believe she's asking this. I put my forehead against hers and quietly say "let's start with forever."

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