I am a directioner. A simple normal plain directioner. Or was. I was one of the millions of their fans who lived in a very small city which meant no meeting them for me. Or so I thought. I never expected this. Never. For my dreams to come true. To hurt someone I love while they did. Now I scream when am alone because I don't know what to do. I don't know how to fix this heart I've managed to break. This is my story. The story of how I came much more than a directioner.


11. Difficult love.

He scared me.


*Zayn's POV* I am more angry at myself than I have ever been. What got into me? What part of me thought it would be okay to kiss my ex who is now with my best friend" I'm going mad. I want to move on. More badly than anyone knows. And I'm almost there.


*Izzy's POV*

That night I climb into bed with Niall. Before I get the chance he sits up and says "How'd it go?" I look at him. I can't tell him what happened. He'd be so hurt and angry he might do something crazy. "Fine. He said he'd pretend like nothing happened." I hate lying to him. He smiles widely. "That's my girl" he kisses me and lay me down beside him. When he pulls away he notices my tearing eyes. I whisper "I love you." he smiles and wipes away my tear. "I love you too."


*Niall's POV*

I wake up with my arms around the most beautiful girl in the world. My chest is against her back and I can feel her warmth. How does Zayn manage without her. I slip out of the crisp sheets and face her. She's so cute when she sleeps. If anyone tried to take her away from me I don't know what I'd do. I watch her eyes slowly open and her mouth sets into a smile seeing me. She leans forward and kisses me I still get butterflies. Every time. My lips tingle at te spark between us. She pulls back and says "Hey you" I smile and say "Hey yourself" as I kiss her nose. A pained look settles on her face. My smile is wiped off. "What's wrong?" she looks as serious as I've ever seen her. "I need to tell you something." she looks almost hurt. "Anything," I say as I tuck a price of hair behind her ear. "Last night Zayn........kissed me. He apologized and he feels so bad about it. I understand why-"

"He WHAT?!" so much angry builds up inside me that I can't calm down. Zayn kissed Izzy. He kissed my girl. "No Niall don't-" I wordlessly get up and walk down the hall to Zayn's room. I bang it open without knocking. He's standing at his closet.

"Niall, I-"

Without thinking I punch him in the jaw.

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