A brief chapter of Kayla's life

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1. I can't

Kayla walked under the rain and through the muddy puddles. She didn't even care anymore if she got dirty, she was already wet. She had just been informed on something big she couldn't even believe it. As soon as she found out she had to tell her boyfriend Josh. Kayla turned around the corner arriving at josh's house. knock knock she knocked on the massive green door.

"hey babe what happend your all wet" Josh asked as he pulled her close giving her a long seductive kiss.

"I missed the bus and my cars being repaired remember? Anyways I had to walk home so i decided I'd stop by and visit you know?" She hung her coat on the hook behind the closet door.

"Well you could have called you know."

"I didn't want to bother you," Kayla opened her mouth but closed it again. She had no idea how to tell him. She decided she was going to ask her best friend Kelly first for some advice, "So how did the job interview go?"

"Please don't ask. I was late and when I walked into the confrence room he was sitting there with a very angry look on his face."

"Wow hate to tell it to you but you proabably made the worst first impression ever"

" Yeah thanks for your love and support honey"

Kayla looked up and looked directly into Joshes eyes then looked at her watch.

" Ohmygosh I have to go, Kelly's gonna kill me!!"

" were you supposed to meet up somewhere?"

" Yeah at home we were supposed to watch the all day full house marathon on t.v. sorry got to go."

" want me to drive you?"

" no its ok my house is just around the block and the rain isnt that heavy anymore anyways Im already wet."

" If you say so."




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