Merlin's confession

Merlin finally gathers the courage to tell Arthur his one big secret. How will Arthur react? Drama ensues. Rated T for language.


1. Merlin's courage

''Hey Arthur,'' When Merlin saw the blond coming down the stairs he took a deep final breath and gathered all of his courage, to the last drop. ''Can I talk to you?''

Arthur blinked. ''Yeah sure... What's up?'' Those big blue eyes were locked on Merlin, filled with curiosity.

Merlin took another breath. This was it. He was finally going to spill the beans to his friend.

… But, not here where everyone could hear. It could have dangerous consequences if anyone else found out.

''I don't want to say it here... Can't we go to my room?''

Arthur and his stupidly huge eyes looked so confused that it was actually funny. The guy was strong, but not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

''Ehm, okay.''

They walked slowly towards Merlin's chamber. Merlin's head was screaming at him. He still had time to run away. To back out. Whatever.

They sat across from each other and stared silently at each other. It was awkward, so very awkward. The silence was painful and so thick you could cut it out in pieces and eat it. At that thought Merlin remembered he had forgotten to eat breakfast.

Arthur cleared his throat, and looked down. ''Sooo… What did you want to talk about?''

Merlin's hands were shaking slightly and he had troubles breathing. He was drowning.

''I... have something I wanted to tell you.'' There was a bird at the window and Merlin started to stare at it intensely. ''I have held something secret for you for a long time... And, well, I think you deserve to know.''


The bird folded out its wings and jumped gracefully out in the air. I wish I were a bird, Merlin thought in his head. Wait, what? That was not really the issue here. He needed to tell, HE NEEDED TO TELL!

''I'm a warlock, Arthur.''

''You're a what?''

''A warlock. And a good one at it.''

''No, you can't be. I mean, you're not a warlock... I mean, you're Merlin. JUST Merlin.''

''That one hurt .. But haven't you ever noticed, that I sometimes make things move without touching them and do unexplainable things?''

At that answer, Arthur fell silent. This was not happening. His friend was a fucking warlock.


I should probably have noted that this is a parody/crackfic, but it just seemed much more fun to not.

I have probably only watched 2 episodes of Merlin and I know next to nothing about it, but some folks on tumblr reblogged something about Merlin would end up reaching season 20 before Merlin finally told Arthur .. And then a terrible idea formed in my head:
He should tell him in old Hagrid style! ~

I'm very sorry. 
But thanks to my Merlin infested friend Nathalaia for proof-reading this.

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