Newsagent Girl (One Direction FanFiction)

*FINISHED* Avery Blue is just a normal 18 year old. She has a average job. Newsagent Girl. Lives on her own. Goes to school. But this average 18 year old is hiding a big secret. No one knows. No one ever will. What if a certain worldwide known boyband named... One Direction come along? Will the truth behind her last name be revealed? Zayn. He's now head over heels for Avery but she just rejects. What is the reason behind this? Find out 'coz the book is better than the blurb...


24. Wait-


"Avery?" Niall pulled me aside.

"What?" I asked, slightly annoyed that he had pulled me away from a loving moment with Zayn. 

"Not to burst your bubble or anything but... your shift at the newsagent starts in fifteen minutes." He said.

"Shit... Thanks Niall!" I yelled, running to my room. I don't wanna be late on my first day back. Haven't seen that place since the cutting incident. I'm actually sorta happy I'm going back because I haven't been there in ages. 

I miss it.

Pulling on my black skinnies and yelled a bye.

My life is slowly starting to get better... But I'm hoping I don't have to see my parents soon. My phone buzzed in my back pocket. Before I read it, Two hands wrapped around my waist and pulled me into an alleyway.

"What-" I was caught off guard by a cloth wrapping around my mouth. I'm hesitating here. Being grabbed by someone anonymous is not how I planned to spend my day. I was pushed into the back of a van and someone climbed in with me.

"Listen, just don't do anything stupid and we won't kill you." Wow... he's smooth ain't he?! Then it suddenly hit me.

I'm getting kidnapped. 



My hands were tied behind my back and my feet were tied together. The ride was bumpy and rough. I was stuck in the corner with a guy beside me. Tears were streaming down my face.

What'd they want from me?! I haven't done anything.... Well, this one time, I stole Evie's hair brush... but that was only because I forgot mine and we were having a sleepover. BUT I GAVE IT BACK.

Wait... what if this is some sort of revenge created by Derrick?! No... he promised to leave me alone. I've never done anything. Heck, I don't even know who these guys are.

The van stopped, violently. I'm hopping the driver knows how to fucking drive because I'm to young to die.

I was pushed out of the van. Gosh, these people cant even be soft. We were at a barn... looked far from London. What am I going to do. The three guys lead me into the shed.


Oh dear god.

What has my life gotten into


~Lol, that was shit. I am SOOO busy!!!

But I want to give a Happy Birthday shout to Carly! I think she's 14? But she reads this and I'm like whoooo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Another reason I can't update, these days I'm getting a little too depressed about life. I'm really sorry.

AND OMFG. 10K READS. I LOVE YOU ALL. My pineapples are beautiful. 


When is your birthday?

My answer: 17th August, 2000.

i want answerssss!~

~MissTwix xx

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