Newsagent Girl (One Direction FanFiction)

*FINISHED* Avery Blue is just a normal 18 year old. She has a average job. Newsagent Girl. Lives on her own. Goes to school. But this average 18 year old is hiding a big secret. No one knows. No one ever will. What if a certain worldwide known boyband named... One Direction come along? Will the truth behind her last name be revealed? Zayn. He's now head over heels for Avery but she just rejects. What is the reason behind this? Find out 'coz the book is better than the blurb...


21. I'm so happy...


I hope this isn't one of the boys' texting me from Avery's phone just because their battery died. Opening, the text, I read it a couple of times, making sure I read right.

From; Avery <3 xx

Hey... I'm awake... I need to talk to you ASAP. xx

I rubbed my eyes and read it again. It's not a joke... It's reality. She's awake. But the thing that bothers me is that... I wasn't the first one she saw when she woke up. It was probably Louis or Harry.

Enough Zayn. She wants to talk to you. Get your ass over to her.

Wait- I'm speaking to myself. I really need some sleep. Not until I've seen Avery being herself though. I quickly typed a message back to her.

To; Avery <3 xx

I'm coming, so happy to know ur awake... Need to talk to you too. Xx

And the truth was... I did need to talk to her. I needed to apologize to Avery. Apologize for getting angry. For everything.

But mostly... I needed to tell her that she doesn't need to be in a relationship with me. I always get the girls I want... that's probably why I thought Avery and I'd be dating by now. That I'd have her wrapped around my finger.

I'm so happy that she's awake. I can't explain it! And I hope it really wasn't the boys' texting me just because they needed me for something. I'd kill them.

"We're here sir." The taxi driver said. I hadn't noticed, but we were now in front of the hospital... Heck, I didn't know I even got in the taxi. I payed the guy and ran inside. Running past nurses with blood bags and patients, I finally got to the room.

I took a deep breath.

When I was ready to face Louis' yelling, I twisted the door knob and opened the door. To my surprise, Derrick was there... but Avery wasn't.

"Where's Avery?!" I asked, frantically.

"Chill! She's gone to do some tests." Niall smiled.

"Oh... What's HE doing here?" I hissed, my eyes darting towards Derrick.

"We let him stay since he loved Avery ONCE." Liam said. I noticed Louis was awfully silent. 

"I may still have feelings for her." I shot Derrick an ugly stare. Just then, Avery came back in with the nurse. They were laughing about something and I was curious about it. I looked at the nurse as if asking her permission to hug Avery.

She smiled and nodded. I returned the smile and ran to Avery, embracing her. She reacted fast, wrapping her arms around me. It felt so good to be in her arms.

"I need to talk to you," She whispered, sending chills down my back.

"Same," It came out as a croak. How embarrassing. But right now, that didn't matter. What mattered was, was that she was back.

"Guys... I've spoken to you cunts, I wanna talk to Zaynie!" She said, jokingly as she let go of me. I felt a rush of disappointment come over me but it vanished soon after. This is the Avery I knew.

"What?! So we get cunts and he gets Zaynie?!" Harry said, clutching his heart, pretending to be hurt. We laughed at that. They left the room though, leaving me alone with Avery.

"You go first," I breathed out. She nodded.

"Zayn... I... I love you." She got out. And before I could say anything, she slammed her soft lips on to mine. Maybe God did want us to be together. The kiss was soft, and I knew she was telling the truth.

We pulled away after a while.

"Avery, I love you too."

"WHOOO!! FINALLY!" Voices cheered from behind us. We looked up and saw the boys' and the nurse laughing. Though, Louis wasn't there. I laughed with them

I guess we're a item now...

Yes.... I'm glad.

I can die peacefully.

In Avery's arms.


~Hey pineapples! I just wanna say.... whoa. You guys have some nice and interesting Disney faves! They're cool!

I just wanna say, I won't be updating tomorrow because I'm having a injection tomorrow. It's about Cervical Cancer? I'm so scared. It shall hurrrttt.


Who's up for a question? Better be. Lawl jk!

What is your favorite chocolate from wherever you are?

My answer: Mine's Haribo's, Twix, Buenos and Flake.

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