Newsagent Girl (One Direction FanFiction)

*FINISHED* Avery Blue is just a normal 18 year old. She has a average job. Newsagent Girl. Lives on her own. Goes to school. But this average 18 year old is hiding a big secret. No one knows. No one ever will. What if a certain worldwide known boyband named... One Direction come along? Will the truth behind her last name be revealed? Zayn. He's now head over heels for Avery but she just rejects. What is the reason behind this? Find out 'coz the book is better than the blurb...


4. I can't


"I wanted to keep you safe..." He said, shyly. At that moment, I actually thought he stopped his stupid player ways. "Wouldn't want my Newsagent girl getting hurt," He laughed, I stood there, eyebrows furrowed. Wow. I've known this guy for like, 5 minutes and he's already given me a nickname. "By the wayyyy... What's your name?"

"Avery," I smiled. I've always liked my name. Just not the people who thought of it.

"Well Avery, You're name is beautiful." Zayn grinned. He lent down to my ear, "Just like you." his voice sent chills down my spine. He already had a effect on me.

NO AVERY! HE'S LOUIS' BEST FRIEND! I mentally slapped myself.

"We'd better go back. Your friend Evie, sorta freaked out. Not sure if it was b'coz you ran or if it was 'coz she saw us." Zayn chuckled. I rolled my eyes but giggled.

"Why did you run away? A-Are you scared of us?" I just noticed, he'd ask me that. No Zayn. I'm not. I'm nervous about Louis. I opened my mouth to lie, but he cut me off.

"You're nervous around Louis?" He asked. We were now walking back to the shop.

"What?" I asked, hoping I didn't voice my thoughts.

"You said you're nervous about Louis. Why?" Too late. I did voice my thoughts.

"Never mind. Enough about me. Tell me about you." I changed the subject. I can't let him find out. According to Evie, a massive directioner, the boys' tell each other everything. I didn't want him knowing. Zayn looked offended.

"You don't stalk me twenty four seven?" He gasped.

"No... Evie does though." I smiled, probably showing the left-side dimple.

"Well, I'm 19. In One Direction. Single. I'm the type of guy who likes looking good. You're turn." I rolled my eyes at the last fact. Boys

"I'm 18. 19 on the 1st of Feb. Single. I'm the type of girl that won't change for anyone." I finished just as we arrived at the shop. Zayn swung my hand. Now noticing, he had entwined our hands, I felt all the blood in me rise to my cheeks. I quickly pulled away.

I couldn't do this.

I can't go in.

I can't fall for Zayn.

I can't tell anyone.











Heyyyy pineapples. How do you guys like the new cover? Maybe posting again. Not sure. :L


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