Take Me Home ( A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

I Know that there are other story's with this name but it fits the story. Anyways, Hello i'm Emily. I get abused and raped by my stepfather. My mother died from cancer, when i was 5, I'm 19 now, but my step dad won't let me leave. One day he comes home drunk, can i escape? If I do he could find me. But if i don't i could get raped again.What will Emily do? Read to find out


1. W-Who are you?

(Emily's Pov)

Hi I'm Emily.
I'm 19 years old. I get abused by my step dad so i have no friends, and I can't trust anyone. I don't get outside access at all, I couldn't even graduate from school, well i didn't go to school. I'm usually locked in my room with nothing to do, until my father comes home.When he comes home he usually rapes me. He gets really bad hangovers so he abuses me by slapping me if i don't listen to him. I heard the front door open. Uh-oh he's home. It's 10:35 pm. I pretend to sleep. I hear loud foot steps come up to my bed room door, then i heard it swing open. I heard footsteps come closer to my bed until he yelled "Emily get up!" I got up cause i knew if i didn't he would slap me. He dragged me to his room and hand cuffed me to the bed. He started to undress him self. Then when he finished undressing himself he undressed me. Even though this has happened millions of times I always cry. After he undressed me he raped me. When he was satisfied he unhand cuffed me. When he left the room to take a nap, I ran to my room. Tonight I will escape. I packed all that I own, clothes and an ipod, I got my ipod when i was around 4 or 5. My mom gave it to me before she died. I heard my dad come up the stairs and into his room. I waited until I heard him snoring. I got out of my room and crept down the stairs. Thank God he's a heavy sleeper. I grabbed some money and a bag filled with fruit and vegetables. I opened the door with no sound, then crept out and slowly closed it with a small sound that only i could hear. I started running i wasn't sure where i was going just ran until it hurt. I ran to the park because my mom would take me there when i was little. I rested on a bench and started crying. It was about 1:00 am. Someone must have heard me cause they asked what's wrong. I just screamed. I thought it was my step dad. He put a hand over my mouth and I started to cry. "What's wrong, love?" He isn't my step dad, he is a British boy. I asked "W-Who are you?" Shoot I didn't mean to stutter, I seem weak. He replied "Louis, Louis Tomlinson, who are you, love?" "Emily." I calmed down, he wasn't going to hurt me. "Now, whats wrong, love?" I started to cry, he reminded me why I was here in the first place. "Sorry love, you don't want to answer." "No, I don't, sorry." "It's okay, I shouldn't have asked." "Why are you here anyway?" "Oh I was taking a walk." "Oh, okay." " Do you want to come home with me?" "Yeah, sure." I relaxed I like him. Louis I thought what an adorable name. "What, love?" Shoot I always say things out loud that i don't mean to. "Nothing." "Okay, follow  me." We walked to his car and he drove to his flat. It was HUGE. Well compared to what I'm used to. "You live here?" "Yeah." We got out and walked to the front door he unlocked the front door and led me inside.

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