Take Me Home ( A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

I Know that there are other story's with this name but it fits the story. Anyways, Hello i'm Emily. I get abused and raped by my stepfather. My mother died from cancer, when i was 5, I'm 19 now, but my step dad won't let me leave. One day he comes home drunk, can i escape? If I do he could find me. But if i don't i could get raped again.What will Emily do? Read to find out


2. Who are they?

(Emily's Pov)

When he led me inside I wasn't expecting 4 other teenage boys. "Louis, who are they?" "Oh, yeah Emily this is Zayn, Liam, Harry and Niall." Zayn yelled "Vas Happening Emily!?" Harry said "Hello, love." Niall said " Hi Emily!" "Sorry Emily they are quite immature sometimes" Liam said referring to the others. To be honest I like Liam, not in that way more like a brother that I've never had. He's a lot calmer than everyone else is.

(Louis Pov)

"Who wants to watch a movie?" Everyone yelled "Me!" Liam suggested Toy Story, but we wanted Emily to pick. "That's not fair, it's my birthday" Niall whined. "It's okay Niall can pick" Emily reassured. I like Emily, like, like, like her. ( A/N HAHA Confusing??) " The Woman in Black?" Niall asked. "Sure" everyone said except Emily. " 'Kay" Emily said quietly. She's short, like 5,2". "Liam can I talk to you?" I asked Liam. "Yeah sure." We walked up into my bedroom. "What is it?" "Do you think it's too soon to ask Emily to be my girlfriend, I know i just met her, but i really like her." "Do what your heart tells you " Liam said the walked away. "What?" I mumbled to myself. When i got back downstairs they were watching The Woman in Black. I sat next to Emily, who was sitting next to Liam. When Emily got scared she hid her face in my chest and shook slightly. I rubbed her back and she calmed down. Eventually the movie ended and almost everyone was asleep, except me and Liam. Emily was sleeping against me. "I think she likes you." "You really think so?" I asked excitedly while stroking her hair gently. "Yeah, well I'm going to bed so night." "Night." I carried Emily up to my bed and changed into my pajamas and got in next to her. "Good night Emily" I said quietly then kissed the top of her head and fell asleep myself.


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