Take Me Home ( A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

I Know that there are other story's with this name but it fits the story. Anyways, Hello i'm Emily. I get abused and raped by my stepfather. My mother died from cancer, when i was 5, I'm 19 now, but my step dad won't let me leave. One day he comes home drunk, can i escape? If I do he could find me. But if i don't i could get raped again.What will Emily do? Read to find out


4. Surprise, or surprises?

(Louis Pov)

When we got home Liam was watching Toy Story and Emily wasn't with him. "Where's Emily", I asked. "In your bedroom sleeping, she fell asleep down here while watching Toy Story, so I carried her upstairs to your room." "Okay, want to see what we bought Emily for her birthday?" "Sure." I showed him everything we got her. "She will love these, Danielle has them," Liam said while holding up a pair of heart earrings.

(time skip next day (Emily's birthday)

(Emily's Pov)

When I woke up, I rolled over to my right and Louis was laying next to me with his arms wrapped around my waist. He was awake. Staring. At. Me. Kinda creepy. "Morning love," he said. "Morning." "Lets go downstairs." I nodded and got up and went to the bathroom and then walked downstairs, the boys and two girls that I swore I saw them like in kindergarten, I think yelled  "Surprise!"At first I was confused, then remembered it's my birthday. I replied with "thanks!" Then i looked at the two girls and suddenly i remember then from somewhere. But when? How would I know them? "Danielle, Perrie ?" They replied with "Emily?!?" Then ran up and hugged me and asked me a few questions. " Why weren't you in school after kindergarten?" "Oh, yeah my mom died then and my dad has abused me ever since and blames it on me." "Are you okay!!??" "Yeah I'm fine thanks to Louis." "How do you girls know each other?" Liam asked. "We were all in the same kindergarten class," Perrie replied.

"oh my gosh I missed you guys so much!" " we did too" Danielle replied. "happy birthday Emily!" Louis said" we bought you presents!!" " Aww you didn't have to." "Yeah bit we wanted to." they made me sit on the couch and we I opened Harry's present first it was a cat. ?? " It's a girl you can name her whatever." I liked it do I smiled it looked like my mom blonde hair and blue eyes or Niall. I smiled at him and said thanks. "Mine next" Niall said. He got me a necklace with a four leaf clover on it because me and him were both Irish " thanks," I said an smiled. "mine next" Zayn said. He got me a mirror haha Zayn. I just giggled. " mine next!!" Liam Said he got me brown uggs, a white north face and super skinny jeans because it's getting cold. " Thanks Li," I said Nd smiled. For Louis he took me to his room and had me open them with him. Alone. I opened aero clothes first. He got me a purple polka dotted bikini for the hot tub they had. He got me Holloster, Abercrombie, Gilly hicks, 20 pairs of uggs, 5 pairs of toms, and other shoes. He handed me a small box. I opened it and it was an iPhone. It was white. I smiled and hugged him . " Theres another thing. Here." He handed me a small envolope. I opened it. Clearly confused. It had tickets in it. Concert tickets. One Direction concert tickets. ?? " Yeah we're famous." I was shocked. But not mad. I hugged him. " Oh so when do you go on tour?" I didnt want to leave him. I LOVE him. " That's I I want you to come with me." I just nodded like crazy and hugged him. "Oh yeah one more." He took out two small purple boxes. He handed me one. I opened it it was beautiful. It was a ring that had " Louis carrot princess" engraved. I put it on. " Will you go out with me Emily?" " Yes." He kissed me at first I was shocked then kissed back. "yeah and we leave tomorrow."
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