Take Me Home ( A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

I Know that there are other story's with this name but it fits the story. Anyways, Hello i'm Emily. I get abused and raped by my stepfather. My mother died from cancer, when i was 5, I'm 19 now, but my step dad won't let me leave. One day he comes home drunk, can i escape? If I do he could find me. But if i don't i could get raped again.What will Emily do? Read to find out


3. Shopping!!

(Emily's Pov)

When I woke up I felt arms wrapped around me at first I tensed up, then I realized it was only Louis and relaxed. I tried to get up, but his grip was too tight, or I would wake him up. Well I had to go to the bathroom, so I got up and surprisingly he didn't wake up. I walked to the bathroom and locked the door. I decided to take a shower and wash myself. I got in and washed my hair and body. I decided to shave my legs and armpits too. I got out and dried off then put on my clothes. I walked out of the bathroom and someone wrapped their arms around my waist. I turned around and it was only Louis I smiled to him and he let go and we walked down stairs and saw Harry making breakfast. He was making pancakes. My mom used to make pancakes. I sat after to tear up. Louis noticed and he asked me what was wrong upstairs. I explained everything to him. " I'm so sorry love." " It's okay I'm used to it now, and superman saved me." Aw thanks love I'm flattered." I just giggled. " Louis whats todays date?" " September 17 why?" " my birthdays tomorrow!" " Yay how old will you be?" " 20" " Cool." " Yeah I guess." " You are staying here with Liam, okay?" It sounded more like a command then question but I replied with " okay." " Liam you are staying here with Emily. Boys were going shopping!!" Mostly everyone replied with okay. I like Liam so it's okay alone with him.

(Louis's Pov)

Me and the boys ( except Liam ) went to the mall. We went into forever 21 and bought a lot of clothes for her like 5 bags full. We want into Hollister, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Delia's, Gilly Hicks and Jc Penny. And bought 5 bags full of clothes from each store. We also bought jewelry and I bought us promise rings that had " Boo Bear's carrot princess" in one and "Emily's carrot prince" in the other. I was planning to ask her to be my girl friend. I bought her a white I phone 4s even though the I phone 5 is out. I got her a one direction case for it. I'm planning to tell her were famous tomorrow when I ask if she wants to go on your with us. I already talked to Pual and told him she might come and he was okay with it. I mean Liam gets to bring Danielle Nd Zayn gets to bring Perrie so she will make some new friends. I think we bought enough clothes so we started to go home.
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