She's The One

This is a story from a males point of view about falling in love with a girl. Max is worried he is getting on in years and wants to settle down but cant find the right girl. Until , she appears.


1. Seeing Is Believing

As I stood with my back against the cold pebbled dash wall I began to think. I was the only one of my friends that was single. I took a sip of my cold glass of Fosters that I held in my left hand. I held my cigarette in my right. I slowly sucked the tip of my cigarette and blew the smoke out in to the cold air. Why am I single? Surely I am not badly dressed? I looked down at myself. I wore a blue checkered shirt with black skinny jeans and high top shoes that were white. Maybe it was because I smoked? Nah! All girls liked the bad boy type. I sweeped my blonde hair from my eye and looked up and down the street. The music from the bar I had come out of was blaring. There were plenty of girls in the bar but none were my type. They were wearing more makeup and clothes and just seemed to fake for my liking.

Was I ever going to find the perfect girl? I had my own flat just a few blocks away and I had my own car. It is a small white golf. It was a bit wrecked but it got me somewhere. I had a job working in a bar on a weekends and I lived on my own with my pet husky Alba. I finally wanted to settle down after my years of partying. I was only 25 and I feel like I am throwing my life away. Ahh well! Good things come to the ones who wait. . . Right?

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