She's The One

This is a story from a males point of view about falling in love with a girl. Max is worried he is getting on in years and wants to settle down but cant find the right girl. Until , she appears.


2. Awkward meetings

As I blew the rest of my cigarette smoke out in to the air, I threw it on to the floor and put it out with my foot. I looked at my watch. 1:00am , hmm it is getting late. I turned around and opened the pub door and headed back inside to the bustle of crazy drunk girls and guys. I looked around. My friend Christian waved at me from the corner of the room. He had bought me a drink and had placed it to where I was sat earlier.

"Come over here!" He shouted over the music. I gently maneuvered in and out of people and finally got to my seat. As I sat down I realized he had already made some new friends.

"Max. This is Lilly, Amy and Monica.!" He shouted over the music. He had his arm around Lilly. She had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She looked uncomfortable in Christians grasp. She wore a long pink dress and had her matching pink handbag gripped tightly on her lap. Amy was really not my type. She had her brown hair curled to the side and her face was full of makeup. Her lips looked like they were constantly pouting and she wore a very revealing low cut top with jeans. And Monica. She didn't seem into all this drinking business and had a small glass of coke on the table. She had red bobbed hair and green eyes. She wore a tight blue dress and was looking over awkwardly at me staring.

"They live local" Christian mumbled in my ear. I just smiled and nodded. I took a sip of my pint and started back at these three girls. 

"You look fit" Said Amy as she licked her pink pouted lips and took a sip of what looked like a cocktail. I looked around the room nervously.

"Uhh, thanks."I said. I tried to change the subject. 

"Arnt you drinking tonight?"I asked the girl with the bobbed hair.

"No. I have to drive these two home and myself to work in the morning."She said quickly. Oh. She really didn't want to talk to me! Well. 

"We are going home together tonight arnt we Amy?" Christian said nodding in the direction of Amy and winking. She smirked a little and adjusted her top so her breasts were now showing even more.

"Whatever you say honey" She said and winked. I giggled. Christian was a womanizer. He could get any girl crawling at his feet if he wanted to. He had spiky black hair and wore glasses from time to time. He was wearing a light blue shirt and jeans and had a tattoo going from his wrist and spiraling up his arms with different colours and pictures. Christian loves his ladies. He liked them every shape, colour and form. He hadn't settled down in a while after him and his girlfriend broke up. They had a huge argument over money issues and she left him. I don't really know the full story but all  I know it was something to do with being in debt.  Christian quickly glugged the rest of his pint and burped.

"Lets go then ladies!" He said standing up.

"Ill catch you tomorrow man" He said and got up from the table and left with the three girls. I sat there on my own and just looked around the bar. There was no girl there that took my liking. I twiddled my thumbs as I sat on my own. Until I heard a voice.

" Been left on your own?" It said in such a sweet feminine voice. I quickly looked up and I was blown away with what I saw.

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