1. Twice shy

"My name is Kathrine Rose Angel Wolf, but you can call me Kathrine." Kathrine has a problem, her arrogant stepsister has the same name as her and keeps getting more shy when people turn her away or say "Why can't you be more like Kathrine?" but oneday her stepsister's dairy changes the way she sees things forever....

P.S.This story is written in the first person.....


2. Never say never

SHe walked up to Wolf and said to him,

"Go out with me and I'll give you your every desire."

Her sweet voice made me sick to my core every time.


The words shocked me, correction word, nobody had ever said no to my "sister" before and now she was trembeling with rage,

"Well I didn't want to go out with you anyway, with your stupid name and your pack, why don't you go howl at the moon wolf boy?"



Everyone looked at me, in shock I guess, they can't even get me to whimper to my "sister" on a good day, let alone scream a whole sentence at her and swear at her..


My body trembled and my Kathrine scowled, she moved swiftly away and somenbody patted me on the back.

"Thank you, I think I would have ripped her fucking head off if you hadn't of done something."


Wolf spoke to me... Everything was right and peace was among men but Kathrine still lurked in the shadows, just rageing silently....

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