1. Twice shy

"My name is Kathrine Rose Angel Wolf, but you can call me Kathrine." Kathrine has a problem, her arrogant stepsister has the same name as her and keeps getting more shy when people turn her away or say "Why can't you be more like Kathrine?" but oneday her stepsister's dairy changes the way she sees things forever....

P.S.This story is written in the first person.....


1. Flashback-the day

My heart was forever broken the day that my stepsister came to live with us, my "mother" had remarried and the man already had a child, the girl was older than me by one year and already she had the build of a supermodel. No matter what I did, I was told to be like Kathrine but that day when "mother" called out was the final piece of my childhood heart:

"Kathrine, time to go to school!"

I had run as fast as my legs could go and I said i was ready but "mother" scolded me, told me not be stupid and that I was not smart enough to go to school, that day I hated my "sister" more than "mother" I wanted to rip her pretty little head off and put it on show as a warning to all nasty "sisters" in all the world.


"Kathrine, KATHRI NE!!!" I snapped out my daydream and looked at my best friend, oh wait it was just some person calling out my name and I don't even have a ny friends but then SHE came in.


Everyboy stared and she talked to MY crush,

"My name is Kathrine Rose Angel Wolf, but you can call me Kathrine." I clenched my fist and focoused on the teacher. Why did my "sister" have to ruin everything, he was going to ask her out, she'd say yes, go out , give him sex and then break his heart. The same every time.


The bell rang and I ran out into the open field, our field is beautiful in the autumn, with the leaves covering the ground and everything. Then Wolf, my crush walked out followed by his little group. Then SHE walked outside followed by her minnions...

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