Slitting Wrists...

Whats the worst that could happen?


9. Lily

Lily’s Side;

Great the last people I want to see right now.

Fliss and Harrison.

I tried to avoid them, but they just keep walking my way.

‘’ ’I’s little Lily doing some shoppy wopping’’ said Fliss.

Ugh, I hate that girl.

She thinks she’s it!

Her skirt is the like a belt and her hair is almost yellow from all the dye she uses.

And her face is like an orange.

Of course I would never say this to her face, because then my life would definatly not be worth living.

Oh and one more reason I hate her, she’s Harrison’s girl friend.

‘’I said is little Lily doing some shoppy wopping’’ she repeats.

I look at Harrison.

He just shrugs his shoulders.

‘’no’’ I say.

‘’Well what are you doing then’’ Fliss wants to know.

‘’just….. Walking’’ I say, and start to move away from them.

Fliss grabs hold of my arm, her fake nails digging in to my bare skin.

‘’let go of me’’ I demanded.

‘’you know what, Lily, your fat, ugly, stupid, ginger and did I mention fat ?’’

This hurt.

I pulled away from her grip, I started to run, run anywhere as long as I was away from her.

‘’Lily wait’’ I hear from behind me.

I continue to run.

I stop.

I reach a main road with cars speeding down it.

A hand lands on my shoulder.

I turn around, scared.

‘’Lily, don’t listen to her’’ he says.

It’s Harrison.

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