Slitting Wrists...

Whats the worst that could happen?


8. Harrison

Harrisons Side;

I decided to text her when I got back from football practice.

To Lily:

Hey, it’s me Harrison,

Wuu2? X


‘’Harrison’’ my mum shouts from down stairs, I abandon my phone and make for the stairs.

‘’yeah mum’’ I groan.

‘’there’s somebody here to see you’’ she yell’s.

And there standing in the door way is the person I really could do without right now.


‘’hey’’ I say and shut the door behind me,

‘’how y’doin babe’’ she says,

‘’good’’ I lie,

I couldn’t exactly tell her I wanted to break up with her after going out with her for 4 years, could I?

We walk into town, between us is an awkward silence.

‘’look Harry, it’s that nerd from school’’ says Fliss breaking the silence.

I follow her finger to where she was pointing to.


Fliss drag’s me along, over to her.

‘’I’s little Lily doing some shoppy wopping’’ said Fliss, babying her.

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