The Conviction

Awakening in a dark room, a man is confronted by a blue flame that guides him in this world he has fallen into.


1. Flame


I opened my eyes to a horrifically dark room.

                “Where am I? How did I get here?” I couldn’t smell anything or hear anything. This room was void of all sensory.

                Then, an alluring blue flame appeared, defying gravity, floating in mid-air.  Surprised of my absent fear, I slowly approached it. The closer I got to it the more I yearned to be closer. As though the flame was speaking to me, commanding me, I cupped it in my hands. Expecting the flame to burn me, I cringed to prepare myself. Instead of feeling like fire in my hands, the flame felt like a warm, soft and oddly fuzzy ball.  Unsure of what to do next, I stood there with the only source of light in this pitch black room. All the darkness was making me very tense. Then I heard a voice softly say, “Relax.”

                I heard a voice! “Where did it come from?” I thought to myself.

                “It is I.” responded the voice.

                The blue flame was talking to me! It was not like one person talking to another, though. I heard this voice neither through my ears nor my mind, but in my heart. It was using my voice to talk to me! “This flame has powers! The flame could probably hurt me…” I battled these fearful thoughts when suddenly I felt peace settle in my chest. It was like sitting in a warmed up bath that was just the perfect temperature. Sensing this peace- or instilling it in me-the flame started to move forward; pulling me with it. I was hesitant because I couldn’t see where I was walking. All I had was a tiny blue flame to guide me. “Trust me,” said the flame,” you will not fall.” Even though I heard this in my own voice, I felt like I could trust this flame more than anyone I have ever known.

                We walked in what seemed like a straight path for about five minutes; which led me to believe that this room was bigger than I imagined.  Suddenly, I saw a green wall start to reveal itself from its dark curtains because of the flame. When I got within arm’s reach of the wall, what I saw confused me. The wall was alive with leaves, vines, bushes and fruit. The life on the wall swayed back and forth as if being caressed by a soft breeze. This added to my confusion because I couldn’t feel any wind at all. As I sat there puzzled, the flame explained,

                ” The life on this wall sways because of me.”

                “If anything, the green life should shrink back because it’s a ball of fire!” I thought to myself.      Then the flame said something that bugged me.

                “Like a child lives in a world they create, so does the mind of men.” I wasn’t too sure what it meant by that, but before I could think about it, the flame started to push towards me forcing me to walk backwards, away from the wall.

                Watching the wall of life get swallowed by the shadows the flame somehow turned my attention to my feet. I noticed that I was not wearing any shoes and that the ground was wet and bobbed beneath me. A sense of unbalance overtook me and I almost threw the flame out of my hands. It was like trying to walk in quicksand. Every step I took felt like my foot was going to sink into the ground.

                “Don’t forget my presence,” said the flame, “you will not fall.”

                 At that moment the bobbing of the ground calmed. After regaining my composure the blue flame gently pulled downward toward the ground putting me in a squatting position. The light from the flame uncovered the blackness from the floor and exposed a deep blue ocean. I was walking on the ocean surface. I was in fact walking on water. My mind was racing at this point being unable to understand where I was. I gazed at this ocean floor taking in the beauty of it’s the deep blue.

                ” Please look up.”

                Tearing my eyes away from the ocean floor I looked up to see what looked like a floating window frame. No lighting was around it and somehow I could see it without the flame’s light. Unsure if I was supposed to go to it, I asked the flame.

                ”Go, look through the window.” It responded.

                I walked up to the window frame and stuck my head through it. I saw what appeared to be me a few feet away. Then I noticed this hulking creature on his shoulders. It was the vilest thing I have ever seen in my life. The creature had the shape of a human body but was hairless. It had talons like a hawks where the fingers should have been that dug into my reflection’s shoulders. Its teeth protruded from its torn up mouth, which was unable to contain the sharp daggers. The creature’s skin had a grey tint with black spots that look like deep bruises all over its body. What made it worse was that the skin was decaying. Even though I was at a distance from this thing, I could smell its stench from where I was. It was the worst smell I had ever smelt before. It was like vomit, blood, feces and urine all mixed together with rotting meat. I could not hold back the urge and vomited all over the ocean floor. All I could vomit was foam. As I watched this thing a piece of its rotting flesh fell to the ground and it whispered something into its prisoner’s ear.

                My reflection then desperately fell to the ground and shoveled the flesh into his mouth. This was so disgusting to watch. Seeming satisfied, he got back up and started walking away. I backed away from the window in fear, letting the blue flame out of my cupped hands. My legs could barely support me because they were trembling so badly.

                “What was that- oh my god I don’t-“I couldn’t think or talk fluently, the image of me eating that was burned into my mind.

                I covered my mouth with one hand as tears began to stream from my eyes down my cheeks. The flame did not respond, instead started to fade away.

                ”No! N-n-no don’t leave me here!”

                The darkness reclaimed the room. I was alone and scared for my life. I started weeping, hoping that the light would come back for me.

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