Pieces of the Puzzle

Grace lives in New York City, and is one of the popular girls, until she one day finds herself in love with an extremely unpopular boy named Luke. She tries to go to Luke, but will he accept her, and will the popular girls let her go?


4. The Monday of Confusion

First thing Monday morning at school, and I still couldn't shake the confusion. Especially when Matt came up to me and started speaking on that Friday. But I started to fall more in love with him. Ugh, why is love so confusing.

"Hey Grace. I have to tell you the straight truth. I was lying on Sunday. I'm totally into you." He said softly into my ear.
I smiled at him and forgot all about Luke, yes I was finally starting to mention his name, and said, "I wasn't lying then, but if I told you the same thing now, I would be lying."
"Good, that means we could go out tonight, just you and I." Matt smiled.
"Yeah, I guess that does." I said with a grin.
"That also means I'll pick you up at 7:00." He continued.
"Which also means that I'll be there." I continuously smiled while saying this.
Matt smiled and walked away.
I hugged my books against my chest and slumped against the wall smiling. I never thought I would be happy when he asked me this, but I was honestly excited. Jessie would be so happy, I thought as I flipped my phone out and started texting her the news. I told her the I'd tell her the details at lunch.
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