Pieces of the Puzzle

Grace lives in New York City, and is one of the popular girls, until she one day finds herself in love with an extremely unpopular boy named Luke. She tries to go to Luke, but will he accept her, and will the popular girls let her go?


2. The Cheescake Factory

As soon as we had arrived in my beautiful silver Audi, I tried to gather myself and tried not to look green in the face. I quickly hurried in so that I could make it to the bathroom and try to rearrange my make-up so that I didn't look so awful, but I was stopped by an excited Matt, dressed in a dressy button up that was black along with white pants and black dress shoes. I felt completely overdressed, as I looked down at my prom dress.

"You look-wow." Matt said, struggling for the right words

I blushed and said, "I am way overdressed," and shot Jessie a dirty look, she smiled.

"No, you look perfect," he said to me, blushing even redder.

"How about you get a table, and Jessie and I will be right back?" I asked him, feeling really akward.

"Yeah, sure," he said excitedly, he thought we were off to a good start.

I took Jessie's hand and raced to the bathroom and noticed that the green had been overtaken by a rosy pink from blushing at Matt's comments.

"Didn't you see the way he was looking at you?" Jessie said as she applied another layer of lip gloss.

"I told you, I'm not interested." I said as I fluffed my wavy blonde hair.

She laughed, "I'm telling you, this is just like a TV show!"

I laughed back at her and said,"Should we go?" She picked up her bag, shook her head, and we headed out of the bathroom.

As we came out, we found that everyone else had arrived. Jessie winked at me and headed off to Sam. Oh no, I thought, here we go.

I slowly walked to the table, to save as much time before the slaughter began. It wasn't his fault, he must feel left out from the rest of the group as well. But, I slowly walk, until Matt comes up to me and walks with me to the table. The table was one of the only marble ones in the whole restaurant and I personally love the marble ones because I feel so important there. If Matt knew what I was thinking, he'd never give up on me and I'm not quite prepared for that.

"So, what are you going to have?" Matt asked.

"What?" I was thinking about how much I would rather be with you-know-who.

"I said what are you going to have?" he asked again, slowly.

"Oh, um, some cheesecake I guess." I said as everyone around me busted out laughing...I didn't get it.

"You're funny, Grace," Jessie said, winking at me. I rolled my eyes.

I tried to look down at my menu and block everyone out with a curtain made of a lock of my hair. It waved down in front of my eyes and I almost busted out laughing. I was officially going crazy. Who would want to go out with something like that? Apparently Matt is desperate and I am the only available. Yeah, that's it. 

I ended up getting my cheesecake - so funny - but not before having the biggest mountain of salad I had ever seen. I seriously couldn't have finished it all - and I had gotten the small size. Throughout the whole thing, I was never left alone. Being asked questions when my mouth was full of sweet goodness that was the cheesecake I had. I thought I had died of embarrassment and gone to heaven eating that cake. I think I gained 5 pounds from it...oh well.

When we had finished, Matt grabbed my hand before I had walked out the door, making sure that everyone else had gone.

"Hey, you wanna go out sometime?" he asked.

I was shocked, but said "I'll think about it." I didn't want to break his heart by saying this but I walked out the door confidently as I sauntered towards Jessie, her face hopeful. She was bound to be disappointed. But of course, I didn't say anything.

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