Poetry Compendium


2. Silver Lining

Is there a silver lining?
As a streak of silver
Is pushed back into place
With tight black grips, fumbling hands and pearly clips.

Is there a silver lining?
Like a silver streak
Amidst the spitting venom and grinding of anger sharpened claws
Like a recluse falling reluctantly down my cheek.

Brandished with unfamiliarity we are
A spectacle for all to see
'Come on. Come home, I dare you.'
Come and feel what it's like to be me.

Humidity pits the air
Lean feet scorch on the garden
Tears awash fresh
Bile rises in fear of what will happen.

I heard it, I heard you
Voice stangled in the muffle
Still corpse breezing
Among the screms for you, the cries and scuffle.

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