My angel

Gabriel is just and eighteen year old girl, an eighteen year old angel girl that is. A war has been raging on for years between heaven and hell, thats just common knowledge. However when the end of the war depends on an eighteen year old angel girl, things don't go exactly as planned... Especially when a number one rule is broken.


1. The war

It has been raging on for century's, a war that started for a reason unknown anymore. Some say the demons and lucfier started it some say that heaven and god started it. I don't know and I dont care, after all what do I matter, I'm just the soldier. It stareted when I was five and grew wings. My mother began to treat me as though I were some kind of abomination, she called the fire angel headquatars the same day I got my wings. A freak she called me, maybe she wasn't wrong. I fight a war that is all for stubborn pride, there is no reason for the damage I've done. The angels were there two hours after my mother made the call, until they arrived she kept me locked in my bedroom. I didn't cry, I was one of the strong ones. That was what the angels told me, my taining began as quickly as possible. My instructore died when I was sixteen, my new instructor is called Dimitri, he isn't a blood angel like my last instructor, he is a fire angel and of course he is gorgous. If it wasn't against the rules for a blood angel to be with a fire angel then who know's what I would have done by now, maybe nothing, probably nothing. Though I guess my infatuations don't matter, the war does, just the war, always and forever the war.

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