My angel

Gabriel is just and eighteen year old girl, an eighteen year old angel girl that is. A war has been raging on for years between heaven and hell, thats just common knowledge. However when the end of the war depends on an eighteen year old angel girl, things don't go exactly as planned... Especially when a number one rule is broken.


3. Pretty little angel

I left her there, laying on the tint matress pretending to sleep. I knew what she was feeling, I always had been able to, ever since the day she arrived at the camp as just a five year old little girl. When they had insisted on me becoming her instructor I jumpped at the chance, she was a fiery little angel, her crimson red hair matched her personality perfectly. When I first saw Gabriel she was definatly not the five year old I had first seen, she was tall with beautiful crimson hair, her body was thin with very attractive curves. She was beauty in a leather skirt and rather suggestive, not to mention revealing, leather tank top. When I had realised she was wearing black high heals I had told her to take them off, of course she had shown me she was more than capable of beating anyone in the shoes. I think I may have fallen in love with her right then, with her hair casscading down her back in crimson waves and her eyes as gold as angel fire. I don't think she ever picked up on my emotions I was glad when she didn't, how was I supposed to resist her if she knew about me? One of our number one rules was that a fire angel couldn't be with blood angels, if we did, the blood angel would die. I had to keep her safe from that, no-one would touch her because if they did I wouldn't be accountable for my actions. She was mine, my pretty little angel.

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