My angel

Gabriel is just and eighteen year old girl, an eighteen year old angel girl that is. A war has been raging on for years between heaven and hell, thats just common knowledge. However when the end of the war depends on an eighteen year old angel girl, things don't go exactly as planned... Especially when a number one rule is broken.


2. My Love

You know when your head is screaming at you one thing but your heart says another, well I guess that was the way to describe my situation with Dimitri. I swear it started as a cute little school girl crush, I worked to make it stay that way but then he was assigned as my personal one on one instructor. All blood angels were assigned them, it was supposed to determine who was actually ready for the next battle and who still needed training or needed to rest. 

"Gabriel, you need to rest, you just got back from battle, no training!" Dimitri was yelling. I hated when he got like that, protective and caring because it made me feel for him, feelings were a weakness and against rules anyway. I flew faster, daggers flying from my hand and hitting the demon dummy straight in the heart. Target practice always made me feel better, I imagined I was actually hitting a real demon, I hated them for making me this, a pawn in an endless game of chess. My wings soon grew tired and so I landed just as I thought Dimirti was going to fly up and get me himself.

"Calm down, I feel fine Dimitri. And what have I told you about using my given name, don't!" I warned, I hated my name because it sounded like the boys version of Gabrielle. I colapsed on the floor as I landed with a huff and Dimitri picked me up in a bridal position. Oh could this get any more antagonising, I imagined myself leaning my head up and letting him kiss me till I fainted from loss of breath. In reality that would have me killed and my soul sent to hell. It was so unfair, all through the years I would see him with other fire angels yet I would be unable to kiss him just once in all my years of agony. I would be torn away from my angel, my love. I allowed Dimitri to move me to my tent and lay me in my bed because to move would have meant reliqushing any control I already had. As he left I thought only one thing, death would be easy, if it meant never seeing him again.

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