My angel

Gabriel is just and eighteen year old girl, an eighteen year old angel girl that is. A war has been raging on for years between heaven and hell, thats just common knowledge. However when the end of the war depends on an eighteen year old angel girl, things don't go exactly as planned... Especially when a number one rule is broken.


4. Archangel

It happened one day while I was on guard, the light from his wings was what first caught my attention. No-one else was around, it was my duty to protect the camp. We had just had a new bunch of young blood angels. The creature was so close, it never even noticed me hiding in the shadows, until I jumped it. I collided with the angel and we hurdled towards the ground, I was quick to brake away from him on impact. I skidded across the ground on my knees, I then got up and stared at the angel who lay on the floor looking up at me. His grey, almost white, eyes stared up at me in astonishment. 

"Gabriel." My name is a whisper on his lips and I feel my eyes widen. How did he know my name?! I feel my lips curl and my teeth bare, I let out a snarl that has always scared my opponents. The angel quickly stands, his face still filled with astonishment but outlined with something else, something I couldn't identify. Fear possibly? 

"You would be smart to be afraid, because trust me when I say you have never met an angel like me before." I smiled menacingly. The angel simply stood gauking, I was about to attack when something knocked me to the ground. Looking up I found Demitri lying across me, the elders stood before me like it was there mission to keep me from any harm. They didn't need to protect me, I was fine and they knew it, at least I was untill somebody pushed me to the ground and made me land on my wings.

"Michael what are you doing here?" One of the elders demanded, Michaels? As in the Archangel Michael, oh crap! I was goning to be in some seriouse trouble this time, I coulde tell from the way Demirti was glaring down at me. It was then that I could fully take in the angel whom I had attacked, his hair was black like the night sky, his eyes browner than the dirt that covered the earth. It was his wings that caught my attention at last, they were beautiful, and crimson. He had wings like mine.

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