What is a Legacy and how do we find it, where do we leave it? or how can we achieve one?

Well... there are a few ways, but my story was not one of I would have chosen.


3. Time to accept your Legacy... Son..

"Max, open your eyes, it's Me.. Your Father" said the voice, impersonating my father very effectively. I knew it couldn't be him, I was dreaming, but the idea of my dead father coming back to have a chat with me in the middle of the night didn't make it any more relaxing, regardless of how much I love him.

"My Father died, your not my Father" I squeaked out as manly as I could, my eyes remaining tightly closed.

"I'm here Max, believe me, and I come to now because you have a choice to make" said the voice, sounding more and more like my Father, the way he spoke, how his voice moved up and down, and hearing my name again in his tone of voice made me relax a little before my mind stood right back up and shouted at me for losing my control.

"I don't have long before they notice I'm missing, just listen to me Max... There was no accident, my death was planned. I found something, something that will change the course of evolution forever. You must find the truth Max, you must make sure they know I died protecting the world, let that be how you remember me, let that be my Legacy.

A flash of light, a crack of electricity and the room fell back into silence. My eyes opened, I leapt from my bed and with a heart beating almost out of my chest I turned on the bedroom light. My eyes plunged into blind darkness as I adjusted to the well lit room. I scanned back and forth, my heart beating in my head, my eyes thundering with blood. Was that real, was that a dream? My Father murdered, a truth to find, a Legacy to protect....

Whatever happened, I knew from that night forward I would try and find out as much as I could.

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