What is a Legacy and how do we find it, where do we leave it? or how can we achieve one?

Well... there are a few ways, but my story was not one of I would have chosen.


2. The First Visit...

Friday nights became a routine thing with Mum, we would cook dinner, sit down and discuss what we would like to do at the weekend and it would always revolve around the shopping and the washing and maybe a treat Saturday night whilst watching TV. By 9.30 I was in bed, after trying my best to ask for 30 minutes more, or could I read something in bed, but as always, it was lights out. 

I soon settled and went to sleep. Normally I sleep right through till morning, but this night I awoke in pitch darkness, noticing my next intake of breath was icy cold. My eyes began to adjust to the darkness, focusing on the sliver of light against the edge of my curtains from the street light outside. I scanned my room, telling myself that the moving shadows I think I see are just my mind trying to focus the darkness into a physical pattern. 

I took another breath in, this one just as cold as the last. I pulled my hand up and felt my nose, which was icy numb and so were my cheeks. Was the window open? The curtain remained still and the room was silent so there was no obvious wind blowing through. I went to speak but my voice didn't leave my mouth as I said 'Hello'

Odd I thought. I decided to get out of bed and switch on the light but as I went to sit up, I felt a force holding me down against my bed. In a panic I tried to forcibly move myself up but as I pushed harder, whatever force was against me held me in place even easier. I tried to shout, tried to scream for my Mother but I made no sound. I scanned the room again and this time in the corner of my bedroom, I saw them, eyes, with the brightest white I have ever seen, the pupils almost yellow and translucent. Wide eyed and in shock I tried to scream, but only silence left my body. I writhed against the force holding me down, my eyes locked on these floating yellow pupils in the corner of my room.

I stopped writhing, I stopped trying to fight this force and just stared, hoping that whatever this was, it would just go away.

The eyes began to slowly move towards me, floating almost, heading for my bed and I was helpless to stop it, to get away. All I could do was close my eyes and hope I was dreaming, hope I would soon wake from whatever nightmare I was having.

Quickly I shut my eyes and kept them shut, my mind telling me to check to see if it's gone, see if you were dreaming. I tried counting, knowing that within a second or so those eyes would be upon me, but still I kept counting, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and onwards to 20 before my mind began to settle and my decision to open my eyes over-rode my tightly shut eyelids.

I opened my eyes, the room was in darkness and I felt a small sigh of relief leave my body.

"Max...." said a voice... "We need to talk"

I closed my eyes again!


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