A wolf life(Not finshed)

Brother and sister torn apart by thier farther.There mother murderd by dad and brother runs away


3. years later

There was soft white snow everywhere and frost on the trees and the wind was an eeir whistle in the night.The sky above was pitch black, only the sparkling stars for a light. I crept behind the tree and kept my black wet nose down and out of sight.Good thing i have white fur so i can blend into the snow.My paws are rough and soar with walking and climbing for a week without stop.I can still feel the bruises underneath my fur and the cuts on my body.I can see him!He's there, hes really here. I've found my brother, my big brother.Joy fills though all my body and my heart beats ten times faster and i race forward, only to jolt back with shock.There's a pregnant women in the window as well.She was brushing her long black hair and talking to my brother.They looked worried and upset.I wonder whats wrong.I see my brother walk over and comfort her and rub her swollen belly.He's in a warm home with his pregnant girlfriend or whatever she is, while i was with our farther working hard and getting beaten up every night!!!! 

I run away. Im never going back. Im going to a place far away from all this crap.My long black nails scrape against the huge rock im standing on and howl loudly in the night and disappear.

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