A wolf life(Not finshed)

Brother and sister torn apart by thier farther.There mother murderd by dad and brother runs away


6. the knowing

 i keep looking down, not wanting to see his face.And if he said i told you so.I will attack him and he wont get back up.His black snout came into view, he nuged me.He turned and trotted towards his house, so i followed.I slowly trotted kicking bits of snow while following him.

  We both changed into human form.Bones cracked, slides and moves into place.Pain heats every inch of my body.My brain blurs into a wild whirl.A per of tanned hands grab mine and pulls me into the house.

  The first thing that hits me is the smell.I sniffed a bit more and i could regonised some ingredients.Tomato,chicken,basil and something els maybe a spice.I sniffed again the smell filling my freezing nose.

  A warm blanket wrapped around me, enveloping me, trying to warm my cold stiff pale skin.I turned to see my brothers concerned face.

 I rolled my eyes pretending not to care at all but deep down my stomach knotted and my heart ached.A soft rug was underneath my feet kissing and caressing my numb feet warming them up.Sighing i slowly moved my toes, they weren't so stiff anymore and got some sensation back.I slowly relaxed, my mussels untensing but then i hear slow footsteps padding down the stairs behind me.I turn and see her! i tense back up and back on alert. 

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