A wolf life(Not finshed)

Brother and sister torn apart by thier farther.There mother murderd by dad and brother runs away


4. The fight

A howl.

I know that howl from anywhere.Its my baby sister! I turn away from Crystal and jog to the widow, full of hope.I move the curtain and scan the outside and i see her.She looks terrible.Her white fur stained with dirty and bits of snow and her long black nail now rugged.She has a long jagged cut on her jaw line still red and it looked infected.Her body shivers with cold and exhaustion.I looked into her eyes and i wish i hadn't. They are full of hate, anger and misery.She howls again and its loud, strained and cracks on the last note.Her paws tighten and her nails scrape against the rock when she jolts around and runs away.One of Crystal's hand touches my shoulder and she whispers "Go after her, before its too late."

 I run to the front door, i swing it open and sprint up to catch her. Im freezing within the first couple of steps and i start to shiver. My body can't handle it any more and starts to change.Heat and stabbing pains run though me a thousand times and within a minute my clothes have been torn off and my black thick glossy fur has grown out, my nails are black and sharp.My eye sight is much better and my paws hit the frost and snow on the ground. I pull my mussels, they are being tested to the extreme. My breath becomes faster and my fur is turning  damp with sweat.

I see her up ahead. I bite her tail to get her attention and if Im lucky she will stop. She cries out in pain and whips around and growls at me ,showing her long sharp teeth that are ready to bite me back.


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