A wolf life(Not finshed)

Brother and sister torn apart by thier farther.There mother murderd by dad and brother runs away


1. The beginging

This story has a lot of pain, suffering and heart ack. A brother and a sister who's family is falling apart. And they can't do anything about it.

Now, the brother in this story.

First of all you should know his name......his name, Sam Black and he had a very simple life, a father who was the best cop in town and a mother with a heart of gold.
But that changed soon after his father lost his job and became an alcoholic. His father didn't even try to cover it up, he just drank night and day in his own filth.Eventually his father started beating up his mum, even when she was pregnant.
She tried to cover up the bruises, scars and black eyes. But Sam knew.... he would hear her cry with pain after being shouted by his father to go to bed. He would hear the bangs, cracks and smashing's of the plates, cup and mirrors.And basically anything that could be throne.
And Sam knew he would be soon to get a piece of the beatings. He thought about his unborn sister, wondering if she knew what was happening? Or if she could feel the pain too? And if she would even survive through the birth?
It surprised Sam when his sister was born and named Jessica Jade Black. She was stronger than he thought. 
The saddest thing is even when his beautiful sister was born, his father didn't see it as an amazing gift.He thought of it as another mouth to feed, more clothes to buy and a big waste of money.Sam, his sister and mother barely got three whole meals a day. His father didn't care about food, his fuel was drinking and getting high with his mates.Not caring about family,bringing home food he had no responsiblities.
Their mother was working four hours a day at the towns post office but on top of that, she had to do washing, cleaning ,cooking and harshly and bitterly beaten up. She tried to get Jack off the drink but he would just go to his mates and get drugs getting high and away 'from the nagging wife and bragging kids' he would say to his mates.

Now this torment went on for a couple of years and Jessica was still quite small and she knew what was happening because on one tragic night, when the wind was strong and rain was slashing down, Jack and the mother Julie was down stairs agrueing, nothing out of the ordaniry. And Jack was smashing things around the room and Julie crying with fear and pain.
Jessica couldn't get to sleep and was terrible scared because she had a gut wrenching feeling that something terrible was going to happen. So she passed the creaking floor and sat at the top of the wooden stairs. She looked down and her eyes widened  And her stomach was right, it had gotten to a whole new level. The window was broken, the chairs and coach was upside down and the cabinets were hanging loose of the hinges with broken glass inside. The grioccary bags were lying on the floor, food spilled out. Their mother came home late all the time and brought food with her.

The crying had stopped and the shouting dissappeard. She thought she had gotten spotted but no she was safe out of sight.She looked over at her once happily married parents  Her father was wearing black pants, leather shoes and a stained blue top. He was motionless and she couldn't really read his expression because of the low lit candles. But she would expect him to have a frustrated or an angry expression. It was sad that her whole five years sins being born she has never once seen her father smile. 
His dark eyes bright and the smile lighting up the room has never made a show for her. But her mother on the other hand she smiled everyday and sang to her, while doing the washing. She had an angelic voice.Voice of beauty and passion of souls that love life.She was a fantastic artist as well Jessica would ask her mother to draw her and she would get every single line right.It showed the beauty of Jessica and how she looked like her mother. Jessica had the same long brown hair and her rosie cheeks and lips to die for.But Jessica had her fathers eyes ,a deep pond of sparkling black.

A deep and quite crying came from the room. Jessica looked over where the crying came from, it was her father! She had never seen him cry before. She stood up and walked down the creaking, wooden steps and over to where he stood. She took his hand and whispered  "Please daddy don't cry.What's wrong?"

She looked over at where she last saw her mother and Jessica screamed. Her mother was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Her long brown silky hair was tattered with her own blood and her dress torn and a half beer glass bottle was shattered near the top of her head.Her head was bleeding dramatically as well.The blood was pouring out and marked the floor of a remainder of her death.

Her father's hand went on Jessica's head and she flinched at his touch. Her father knelt down on his knee in front of Jessica and looked into her eyes.He wiped the sprawling tears that were racing down her face.She wished she had never came down, she wished she was never born.To never experience this pain and loss. Her father's husky voice came into her hearing and he said "Did you see what happened?"
Jessica was shell shock and she didn't know what to say.
"No." Her voice allowing under a whisper. Jessica didn't want to get hurt by her father and she didn't want to watch her mother lying on the floor dead.She was only five for christ sake.
When her farther spoke again something in his voice changed and it was full of pure evil."Good, now go to bed and if you tell anyone about what happen, your going to end up just like you mum, al right?"
She nodded and walked up the creaking stairs and the croaking hall and closed her door.And letting the dark swallow her up.

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