A wolf life(Not finshed)

Brother and sister torn apart by thier farther.There mother murderd by dad and brother runs away


2. Hard

When Jessica woke up the next morning her eyes were still wet from spending the whole night crying in her bed.Knowing that her father is a dangrous monster and that she had lost her mum forever.That she could never have her mother's amazing cooking or she her latest drawing.And that she could never have her to hug and kiss before going to sleep.Jessica had never relaised that she had taken her mother for granted and that she was spoussed to be the one taking care of her mother expessily when her mother was getting beaten up everyday.She should have tried to stick up for her mother, defended her or even told someone but what does it matter now her loving and caring mother was gone forever, taken from the evil devil himself.She thought of her big brother Sam if he knew that thier mother was dead? And what did her dad do with her mother's body? Maby chucked it in a near by lake?, like her mother was trash..well he did treat her like it.Her brother should have protected thier mother after all he was the secand man in the house.He could have done something? Well...it does'nt matter now.........she didn't need anyone and she would get revange on her evil father and her pathetic excuse of a brother.
A couple of weeks later the police were at thier door and Jack answered it before giving Jessica a evil glance that lasted a moment but felt like forever.The way he looked at her was a warning as if he was saying "you dare tell our secret then your going to end up like your mother"
When the police went Jessica didn't want to belevie it but her father must have thrown her mother's body in the closest forest and made it look like she was attaked by a bear.Sam didn't react like she expected, he wasn't crying or sad he looked like he was expecting it.But Jessica's reaction was diffrent she was crying but she thought she got all the tears out but apparantly not.
That night Jessica went to Sam's room and saw him packing and thought, where is he going?She tapped on his shoulder and he jumped.He looked like he was going to cry and his bottom lip was bustted. Blood dripping out of his lip he licked it away and his right eye was green and dark purple in some places.
"What happened?" Jessica asked
"Dad beaten me up and he's drunk.Look you have to pack,ok because if you stay your going to get it next."He got an empty bag and passed it to her.
She dropped it on the floor and whispered "No, im not going.Im going to stay with daddy."
He looked shock like someone came and slapped him across the face "Are you insane.Im not messing around Jess go get packed."
The were heavy foot step and slurred speaking and within two secands Sam's face went to shock to pure terrifyed.And Jessica stood with her arms crossed over her chest and was standing her ground even though her blood boiled with terror. Then Sam strapped on the backpack and jumped out the window and transformed into a black huge wolf and his big head turned and looked at Jessica as if saying" You should have came.See you in a couple of years......or not".
But she never wanted to see him again.She turned to see her drunk farther and he lifted his fist and smashed his fist into Jessica's face.
Oh i nearly forgot......... they behold some magic, lets just say they aren't enterily human they can change into wolves.They get the geene from thier father's side of the family.When jessica turns into a wolf, her brother calls her snow white because her fur is white as snow.And when Sam turns in a wolf jessica calls him the dark prince because his fur is as black as charcoal.Also when they transform into a wolf they can speak to eachother by thier minds,like telapathics.But there are others around the world with this geene and some even create packs to hunt witches and vampires.
Now the witches are the wost because of thier unnatual powers and sometimes they use black magic.Some of thier powers are:suducing men, lure children and weman and sucking thier beautness out and draining thier energy, so they can be powerful and be gorgoues.And if they are extremly evil some kidnap children and hang them in trees or in thier rooms, so when thier perants come to see or talk to thier children they feel thier heart breaking.The witches also live on poeples fear and if they are desprate they sneak in thier dreams and make them into nightmeres.Human's are the witches toys.
Now the vampires is easy to guess what they want or some say what they disire...blood.So thats why humans with the wolf geene create packs to protect humans from witches and vampires.But they obviosly try to keep them under radar so people won't see them and they go running off telling people.

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