A wolf life(Not finshed)

Brother and sister torn apart by thier farther.There mother murderd by dad and brother runs away


7. Friend or enemy

I turn and see her.

I sense my brother tense knowing this wasnt going to be full of hugs and 'how do you do's'.

I evaluate her for a few moments..Her thick hair a mix of rich dark brown tones, her eyes pircing bright blue and her face seemed like it had been perfectly sculptured by the gods to made men drool and girls envy her.She wasnt really tall like i had expected she would be around 5'10 but had the perfect amount of weight on her.She wore a grey over-sized jumper which i presume is my brothers and she wore a emerald green shorts.I could tell from her face expression that she was scared of me and this isnt anything knew because everyone i meet or go past are scared of me or wary of me.I like it though, knowing that i have some control and they wouldnt dare try to underestimate me .

 My brother broke the silence by saying ' Jessica this is my fiancee Crystal, Crystal this is my sister Jessica.'

She took a courtioned step forward and said 'Hi, its nice to finally meet you.', extending her hand , i didn't take it.

I scowl and turn to my brother, his face sightly drop with disappointment but i don't care.I didn't come here to bond with his girlfriend like that will even last.i don't need to do anything for him, he abandoned me and cause of that ive gone through hell.He doesn't care if he did he would have came back to get me or stayed with me but no hes selfish.I start to get angry, i feel it coursing through my veins, my heart pounding and hurting at the same time.I look up he sense my angry but is confused of why i am i say "I ve got to go" my voice stern.

I walk past him opening the door and onto  the cold damp grass.I take deep breathe of the cold refreshing air and start walking toward the forest but i hear him behind me so i move more quickly.

"Where can i find you then, we need to talk properly." i hear the desperation in his voice.

"There's nothing to talk about." i was surprised at how of much i can sound of a cold hard bitch.

I know hes about to say something to retaliate but before he can i sprint and im into the forest in a shot.

(Please comment and tell me what you guys think and if i should continue because i have a some fantastic ideas for this story and im excited to continue this.Fanily out of my writing block) x

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