A wolf life(Not finshed)

Brother and sister torn apart by thier farther.There mother murderd by dad and brother runs away


5. decisions

He bit my tail.

I turn.I bare my teeth. Im ready to fight.To make him feel what i've felt for the last couple of years.To make him cry and bleed. I lift my paw, clench so my nails are ready and strike him across the face. Ive left four long jagged bleeding cuts.He cry's out. I start to turn. He runs into me. im on my side, my ribs hurt like hell because ive already got a huge bruise off my father.

We fought for an hour, both of us covered in blood, cuts and bite marks.

We lay on the snow covered grass, panting for the crisp cold air.I watched my brother who lay on the ground.I couldn't fight anymore.My heart was soar.My blood pushing around and around my body.My mussels aching with pain.I wined and growled.

After 5 minutes i pushed myself up, that didnt help the pain.It only made it worse.A big fat tear slowly slid from my eyes to my black nose and dropped off the edge.My brother stood as well and came infront of me.His head was hung down and he rubbed his head my shoulder and whined.I step nack and turn to walk away but something stops me.My heart felt numb, i wanted to cry and my legs wouldnt walk no more.

I hear a rustle behind me and i turn to look.My brother turned back into human form.He has changed so much.He was tanned, brown silk hair rugged about and his deep eyes boring at me.

"Please don't go." his voice deep with sadness.

I hang my head and stare at the snow for a few mintues and think.

After all he is my brother and i do love him.i want to know how he has been and whats happened in his life.what he has been doing and the woman who is pregnant.She is obviosily is girlfriend.I turn back into human form.My brother eyes bulge out and tears stream down his face.His jaw tight and then i remember why he has reacted like this.I look down.The scars, busises and faded marks of the past that have been given to me by our father.The pain that was inflicked on me.The fear that once was and maybe still is down deep inside of me that doesnt want to be discovered.

"Did he do this to you?" he asks in a rough pained voice.

I know  he means our father and i nod. i keep looking down, worried to see his face.


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