You and I

You and I is a collection of short stories relating to love told in a second person point of view.


1. That Kiss


I’d be walking away, tears threatening to escape as I move further and further away; but then you grab my hand and suddenly my world is spinning. Your hands lay on my hips while mine somehow ended up on your upper arms. My breathing is heavy and deep as you slowly lean in, your hands sliding up my sides. Eyes fluttering to a close, I wait for what’s about to happen. I can feel your breath fan out across my lips, the warm air making my lips part in anticipation. 

Suddenly, your lips are on mine. They’re soft like silk, yet firm and rough, aggressive yet gentle. Lips moulding into one another, your hands move to cup my face and with a feather light touch I feel you wipe away my tears. My lips form into a smile beneath yours as I kiss you back and a shudder runs through me as I feel you pull away. 

Your forehead is against mine and all I can hear is my heart hammering away in my chest and our heavy breathing. My eyes are still closed and I’m scared to open them. I don’t want to see your lips form words I don’t want to hear. Your thumbs slowly brush against my eyelids, begging them to open. So, I oblige. Sucking in a deep breath, I slowly open my eyes. As soon as I can see, your eyes seem to catch mine. 

I don’t get to see the words form, but when I heard them I melted on the inside. Instead of the expected malice and hurt, all I heard was care and love. Three words instantly made me smile as your lips came down on mine once more and we kissed away the pain. 

I love you.

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