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Well, this is a story. I honestly dont know what will happen and im the author! Lets say its full of mysteries. :)


2. The Mystery

Aaron Pov:
Today i felt like going out..doing something. Like fishing. I went downstairs to the living room only to find all the boys, shirtless and either in sweatpants or pajama pants. "Morning love." Harry yawned. "Morning Haz." I say and go to the kitchen and grab two cupcakes. Niall came downstairs and smiled. "Morning everyone!" He said taking one of my cupcakes and eating it. "Hey that was mine!" I pouted. He laughed and ruffeled my hair. "Dont touch the hair!" I said. "...Are you sure your related to Haz and not Zayn?" He asked. I laughed. "Im sure that Harry is my brother." I said. "Any plans for today?" Liam asked. "Actually yes." I smiled. "And what are we gonna do AirBear?" Harry asked. "Fishing." I said. "Where?" Niall asked. "In the bathtub." I said sarcastically, of course. "Ha ha very funny." Niall said. "Its a place im
always going to." I said and smiled.
Harry Pov:
Somethings going on...i think Liam likes Aaron. I told the boys the other day that Aaron was off-limits! I dont want one of my best mates and my sister dating! I would be happy that Aaron is, but honestly, id rather her date someone else besides my friends! "Haz?" Aaron asked, snapping me out my thoughts. "Yeah Airbear?" I asked. "I asked if anyone wanted to go now..." She said. "Uh yeah sure!" I smiled. "Whats wrong?" She asked suspisiosly. "Nothing love." I said and we started our walk through the woods. "So how long will this take?" Zayn asked. "Forty five minuets." She said. I heard a rattle and Aarons eyes went wide. "Dont move!" She shouted. I did what she said and stayed completely still. She started creeping up on something. I heard her scream and i felt a stinging pain, but after that, complete darkness.
Louis Pov:
Oh Snap!! Harry got bitten by a snake. Aaron reached in her pocket and pulled out a gun. She aimed and hit the snake perfectly. I sat by Harry's unconcsience body and we all lifted him up and carried him to Aarons truck. Aaron seemed really worried, but...she looked like something was flowing her mind right now, and something tells me it wasnt about Harry. She seems like something might've happened. Soon we arrived at the hospital and Harry immeditatly got a doctors help. "Whats wrong Airbear?" I asked Aaron. She seemed really scared by now. I put an arm around her and held her close. "Your squishing me.." She said. I pulled away immediatly. "Sorry.." I said. "Its okay Lou." She said. "Im going for a walk." She added.
Aaron Pov:
I couldnt stop thinking of Harry..the snake was seriously dangerous. It was an eastern diamondback rattlesnake. What am i saying? ALL snakes are dangerous. Maybe nt the ones that are venomous or poisonus but their all still kind of aggressive. "Im going for a walk." I said and got up, and went out through the woods. After walking for half an hour i tripped over something. "ouch.." I said as i hit the ground. I looked around to see if i could find what i tripped on. I looked closely and saw something sticking out the ground. It looked something like a glass bottle..I went over and pulled it out the ground after clawing through the dirt. It had a message in it. I opened it up and read it:
Dear Jessica,Im sick and tired of having to deal with dad all day, He's pushed my limit. I have bruises and scars and burn marks. Im writing this letter to you to say goodbye. Im
gonna miss you alot when im gone. Dont worry we'll see eachother again someday. Im really sick. No one knows what the cure is for what i have. Im dying...Even if they find the cure, they wont make it back in time, im going to miss you very much. With love, Savanah.
I read the letter. It looked like a five year olds writing....i guess im gonna be solving a mystery.
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