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Well, this is a story. I honestly dont know what will happen and im the author! Lets say its full of mysteries. :)


4. Jealousy

Louis pov:
I overheard Liam tell Aaron he likes her. I really like her! ALOT. Harry sAid she was off limits but i really like her..Alot, im gonna go tell Harry. I just need to tell Harry first. But before i do, im gonna snoop around more. "Look Liam your a really nice guy and all, but im not ready for a relationship yet..and i think Louis likes me.." She says. She knows?..could this be good or bad? I dunno but...I hope its good.
Liam Pov:
She turned me im really upset. I got up and went to my room without saying a word. I sat in my room on my bed in deep thought. One of the thins running through my mind is why Aaron's always going out..she hardly stayed with us the past two days. She got back around midnight each time also! Whats going on?..
Louis Pov:
I sat in the kitchen with Aaron as we talked. "Louis...can you keep a secret?" She asked. "Yes love." I said and smiled. "Well, the other day, that i went for a walk, i found this." She said reaching in her bag and pulling out a bottle with a note. "And the next day i found this." She said taking another bottle out. "So thats what you were doing all day?" I asked. "Yeah..i wanna solventhis mystery but i really need help..and i figured you could help." She said smiling. "Sure love ill help!" I said smiling. We sat there, talking and laughing.
Liam Pov:
I heard Louis and Aaron talking and laughing. I couldnt help but be extremely jealous. I really like Aaron! Shes different from other girls...much different. I really like her. I wish she'd like me back...i really wish she would.
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